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I feel like Scrooge!!!

I can't believe that it is Christmas Eve. While I very much enjoyed Christmas Eve services at church tonight, I totally feel like Scrooge this year. Instead of telling everyone Merry Christmas I want to run around yelling BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!! I guess I'm still struggling with moving this year and not spending Christmas with my family for the first time in 7 years. I don't know what else is causing me to feel like this. I hope that next year will be much better since we will be more settled in here. We let the boys open 1 present each tonight and then they will get Santa in the morning then they won't get the rest of their presents until after church.

I can check one thing off my 2006 goals. We have decided on a church to join. Now we just have to find Sunday School classes or Connect Groups as this church calls them for all of us.

BAH HUMBUG!!!!! I mean MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!

My Goals for 2006...

I've really been thinking a lot the few days about how quickly this last year has gone. I don't feel like I got anything accomplished and don't want next year to end up the same way. I've made a list of thinks I want to do and accomplish next year.

1. Daily Bible reading
2. Get re-organized
3. Continue work on debt repayment
4. Finish getting house together & decorated
5. Read 1 book a month
6. Paint 1 memory box a month
7. Scrapbook & stamp regularly
8. Exercise regularly
9. Find a church to join & SS classes
10. Finish decluttering house

I hope to be able to accomplish all of these things, but don't want to have the pressure of making New Year's Resolutions. I don't of anyone personally who has ever been able to keep a resolution for more than a week or two.

Are you Ready for Christmas?

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post.

I cannot believe that it is only 12 days until Christmas. I still have my nieces & nephews packages to get in the mail and I'm waiting on some stuff from for my kids and the I'm through with shopping. With the move this year it just doesn't feel like Christmas. I am definitely not in the Christmas spirit!! I did get my Christmas cards finished and mailed. I still need to do some candy making and some food shopping. I hope next year brings more Christmas cheer and spirit for our house.

What is your inner flower?

I found this on another blog and decided to see what it says. I'm not exactly sure why I feel compelled to do all these quizzes. They do however fill in for a post here when I have nothing else to say. I pinched a nerve in my lower back & hip this past weekend and I haven't been able to do anything, but sit still, lie down & take hot showers to try and ease the pain and be able to move at all. I hope this heals quickly so that I can get done with my Christmas decorating & shopping. I haven't even finished my cards yet.

what's your inner flower?

Oh to be debt free!!!

What a wonderfully, fabulous idea! I have been reading Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover. We are so ready to be debt free. I'm tired of making credit card & car payments. The book gives a lot of sound advice. It gives a lot of testimonials from different people. I'm not sure how quickly we'll get through all the steps, but it does give one hope of there being an end in site.

I'm too old...

I'm way too old for too much excitement. Our 3 year old found my shaving razor and decided to put it in his mouth or shave with it or something. He ended up cutting his upper lip and lord knows it bled like a stuck hog. It took a while to get him calmed down enough to figure out where the blood was coming from and how bad it was. Needless to say I ended up with an electric razor today.

Matthew is the child that I'm going to end up spending lots of time in the ER with. Our first trip to the ER with Jared wasn't until he was 7 and it only required a couple of staples. Matthew's first trip there was at 18 months and things don't look like they are going to get any better.

I learned something new.

I accidentally came across a new yahoo group a few weeks back called Helping Hands of TN. They are a group of ladies that crochet blankets, caps & booties for babies & preemies and also caps for chemo patients and then donate them to a number of different TN hospitals. Well I finally figured out after many tried how to crochet a baby cap & booties. It's a good day when you learn something new.


I have spent the last 3 months reading all the Harry Potter books for the first time. I finished #6 today. There were pretty good. I wasn't sure I would enjoy reading them but was very surprised at how much I liked them and am looking forward to the next one. Even as much as I enjoyed reading them I can't see myself becoming as obsessed with it all. I am very surprised at how many adults are about these books.

I did find out today that Sue Grafton's next book S is for Silence will be published December 6. Looking forward to the next part of the Kinsey Milhone tale. This series of books is one that I was extremely surprised to enjoy. I am not usual one to read mystery books. Sue Grafton does a great job of keeping her stories interesting and making it so you don't want to put her books down.

Time Flies!

I can't believe that the days are going by so fast. It has been a week since my last post and that just seems unfathomable. It is going to be Christmas before we know it and I'm so far from being ready for it that I may never get done.

I had a terrific weekend shopping. My mom & step-father were here for the weekend and we spent lots of time shopping. I don't have anyone to go shopping with and I try not to drag Joe any more that necessary. I know that he will go with me but it isn't his favorite thing to do. I have such a fabulous husband!

Must get my daily cleaning done so that I can get back to work painting & making Christmas cards. I want to be done with making cards by Thanksgiving and at the rate I'm going that isn't going to happen. Don't know where to garner anymore motivation from to get things done. I feel so burnt out most days that I don't get anywhere near what I should done.

Will it ever end?!

I am so ready to be over this sickness now. It has been over a week now and it is time for it to be over with. I need to go get some Lysol and spray everything in the house. Is there a thing as too much Lysol? Must get rid of sick germs!!!

I am almost finished with another memory box and have started crocheting a preemie blanket for a group that I accidentally stumbled upon called Helping Hands of TN. It is a group of crocheters & knitters that make blankets, animals, booties & caps for the Childrens Hospitals and Cancer Centers in TN. I am waiting for my new Chemo Card Angel assignment and thought that while I waited I could maybe make a few things to help someone who needs a little extra encouragement during their hospital stay. I started out trying to make a pair of booties but just couldn't figure out how to do them so I decided to get started back crocheting with something simple.

My youngest went out trick or treating last night as Harry Potter. I tried to ta…

I hate being sick!!!!!

I absolutely hate being sick! We are all sick. Jared brought something home from school, now he is getting better and the rest of us are starting to get sick. Sore throats, earaches & a cough what joy! Must go to the drug store today and find something for us to take so we can sleep at night.

On the upside I have finished 18 Christmas cards. Yeah!!!!! I am determined to not wait until the week before I want to mail them to be starting them. I am hoping that this will be the beginning of getting things more organized and enjoyable again!

Pumpkin Picking

The boys and I went and got our pumpkin today. Jared decided he wanted to do the carving this year. He did a good job don't you think.

62 days to Christmas

I can't believe it is only 62 days until Christmas. The year has passed by so quickly. We have been so busy with getting ready to move and then moving and getting the new house how we want it that the time has just slipped away. I started making my Christmas cards over the weekend, but only have 7 done. No shopping done yet. I need to get on that soon too.

Mrs. Claus at Croppers Cottage is trying to get us all ready. I have to find a notebook to get started making my list and getting myself organized so that hopefully we will be ready for Christmas early this year.

Memory Boxes

I've completed 4 memory boxes in the last 3 weeks. I am really enjoying painting these boxes. Here are 3 of the ones I've done so far. I am going to either start a Picturetrail or Webshots album to keep all of them in.

A busy week...

Saturday we all had eye exam appointments and that ended up being an all day affair, by the time we all got checked & dilated and picked out glass for dh and our oldest. Yesterday both boys had dentist appointments and I have my dentist appointment tomorrow. Feels like I'm living at the doctors and dentist lately. I'll be very glad when we are finally all up to date on all these appointments.

I finally got started yesterday trying to organize my craft space. It is such a huge mess! In our house in GA I had an 7'x10' room for my craft space, but when we moved to TN I lost my room and have to share space in our bonus room. We decided that the bonus room would be my craft space/computer space/video game/exercise room. I am trying to clean out/declutter & down size all my supplies. I swear this stuff is multiplying in the dark night. I don't remember getting all this stuff.

Back to Posting

I have not done a very good job of keeping up with this blog. The last several months have been absolutely crazy with Joe's military retirement and the move. I am hopeful that we are finally starting to get settled in to our new home & life. There is still some unpacking and organizing to get done and we are still looking for a church home for our family.

I have finally dug out some craft supplies and started working on painting Memory Boxes for the Memory Box Artist Program. This is a wonderful program that provides beautiful hand painted boxes to hospital bereavement counselors to give to parents who have lost a child at birth or shortly after. You can find out more information about this at I found out about this a while back & painted one box and it unfortunately got pushed to the side. I just finished a box ans have another one to start on. My goal is going to be to complete at least 1 box per month for this program.

I also…

My baby is 3

My baby turned 3 yesterday.

That means he isn't a baby, but a toddler. I am going to miss having a baby, but know that I am definitely not wanting another one. My 2 are plenty for our family.

The kids are getting so big and life is going too fast. I want life to slow down again so that we can enjoy it more. We are always so busy with everything. I'm hoping that when we find out where God has planned for us to live next and we get settled in with Joe's new career then we will be able to sit back and relax a little more often.

We are still waiting to find out what God's plan is for the next phase of our life. No word today from the company in Fort Mill. Joe did get a call from a company in Jacksonville, that wants to do a phone interview tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about staying here. Not sure where I would want to live if I had the choice either though. I'm hoping that God gives a huge flashing neon sign as to what we are suppose to do though.

I'm ready…

May 1st...

Spent all day yesterday shopping with my mom. We had a very nice and very tiring time. We hit the the outlet malls in St. Augustine. It was nice that the crowds were very low yesterday so we did not have to fight for parking or through throngs of people.

Today we attended church. Bro. Paul gave a really good sermon as usual. It is so nice to have a pastor that we enjoy hearing. We went for so long being unhappy with the last pastor and were very worried that we wouldn't get a good one when the time for change came.

It is raining today and suppose to continue all day. A good day to hang out and watch tv. I need to be getting some scrapping done, but can't seem to shake the sinus headache I woke up with this morning. Not only do I need to be scrapping, I need to be getting Mother's Day cards ready to mail and my sister's b'day gift ready to mail. I have got to get this place and myself organized so that I am not at the last minute trying to get these things done. I u…

I am the most impatient person on earth!

Waiting for anything absolutely drives me batty. I hate being this way and I try and try not to, but can't help myself. I know without a doubt that God has a plan for our family as to what job Joe gets & if we move or not. But it is killing me not to know what is going to happen. The biggest thing that I want to know is if we are moving or not. We have a good bit to do in order for the house to be ready to be put on the market. I could live with not knowing where as long as I just know yes or no.

Joe got the call for a second interview from the company in SC! The second interview from FL was postponed. Both companies said something about next week, just don't have a definite date for either one yet. We really don't have a preference yet, beyond staying where we are.

My biggest hope is that where ever we are we are able to continue living the way we do now. As far as being able own a decent home & a little bit of land.

A new week...

What happened to the warm weather? Just a few days ago it was in the 80's and this morning we work up to ice on the windshield. It has warmed up some this afternoon, but nowhere near what it was. We were really starting to enjoy wearing shorts.

Today has not been so bad as last week. Matthew had speech therapy this morning as usual and did very well. It is amazing how far he has come along in the last 6 months. After his birthday in a few weeks he won't qualify for the Babies Can't Wait program. It will be up to the school district as to whether he gets any more speech, unless we can find the money to pay out of pocket. I know that when he starts preschool in Sept. his vocabulary is just going to explode. Right now he is only around other adults & his 11 yr. old brother.

Joe found out that 3 of the companies he interviewed with liked him. He has a second interview on Wed. with a company in Lee FL. Don't know if the other 2 are going to call for second interviews or…

This week has sucked...

This week has sucked. It started early Monday morning. On top of everything else we are all sick. I HATE being sick!!!! We were doing so good at staying well until now.

My 78 yr. old grandmother fell and broke her hip. The doctor was able to repair it with surgery. Given her state of mind, her physical health and her low tolerance for pain the best we can hope for is that she is going to be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. According to what I found online about hip fractures older people who are sedentary have an extremely high mortality rate the first year. Momma has been in the bed almost 24/7 for the last year. As much as I hate to say it I don't feel like she has the fortitude or gumption to live too much longer.
We are all sick. I hate being sick!!!!

Joe left yesterday morning to go to Atlanta. He will hopefully be back tonight. He went up there for a job conference/fair. He will be interviewing with 5-6 companies today. I keep telling him that God has a plan for…

Another Sunday...

God is good all the time! We had a swim meet 2 hrs from home yesterday and our vehicle wouldn't start . Didn't have time to figure out what was wrong with it so we took the other one. Well after getting home Joe determined it was a low battery causing the problem. I am so grateful that it didn't happen on the way to or from the meet, but here at home.

We spent yesterday at a swim meet in Daytona Beach with our oldest. I think that he really enjoys swimming, but unfortunately he doesn't have the drive to win like we would like. Due to his Lymphedema swimming is the only sport that he can participate in. We aren't concerned about whether he wins his heats or not, we would just like to see him trying harder. He is getting faster in some of events and slower in others.

I have to get some things done today. Namely laundry & washing. I need to get lots of things done around here, but they won't get done today. Our house has gotten so full of clutter tha…

2005 Goals & Resolutions...

Here are my goals & resolutions for 2005. I can honestly say that I am not getting anywhere quickly with these. I have got to get more motivated to work on all these things!!

1. Finish DH military album (he is suppose to retire this summer). I am struggling with working on this project. I want it to be something special for him to look at and enjoy remember all these years.
2. Get caught up I am about I am probably 4 yrs behind right now.I have not been working on this the way that I should. Some times I wonder why I scrapbook. Does anyone really care? Will my boys ever bother with looking back at our memories? I think these questions are why I struggle with continuing on.
3. Work on my genealogy research and start a heritage album.Who knew that genealogy research would be so time consuming & expensive. I started this because I recently realized that I know absolutely nothing about my father's side and I know very little about my mother's side.
4. Get all my digi…

Another month...

Another month has come and gone. Here it is already the 5th of April. Time is going by too quickly!

We made it through spring break last week, but I must admit that I was ready for school to be back in yesterday. Don't know how we will handle summer break. The kids fight & argue constantly which of course sets mommy on edge before the day is over.

I'm still working on Joe's career scrapbook. I am really struggling with doing these pages. I guess knowing that this phase of life is coming to an end and we will be starting over with his new career is making it harder to do the album. Military life is all we've known for over 20 years and the change to civilian life is going to be very difficult for both of us. I know that God will provide for us; in that I have no doubt. But it is still a struggle for us to let go.

Military life is so different from anything else. For those who have not experienced it there is no way to explain so that you could understand. It is some…

Another Day....

Here we are another day. I am still struggling with my creativity. I'm trying to make my husband a scrapbook of his 24 yrs. Naval service and I'm struggling with getting pages completed for it. I want it to be something special that he can enjoy looking back through over the years and remembering.

I started this book many years ago when I was using Creative Memories stuff. My style has changed dramatically over the years and so going back and trying to redo pages from years ago is difficult due to having cut the pics into different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately it was before I knew any better. I don't have the negatives to have the pics reprinted either.

I'm sure it will all come together in the end; just don't know when that end will be. Hopefully before he retires.

I often think about and wonder why I scrapbook. Will my family even care to go back and look at any of these pages I am creating? Does this time I'm spending really matter to anyone other t…

Happy Easter!

Well here we are another Easter; time is flying by again. We attended church services this morning & then just hung out the rest of the day. I had all the intentions of doing lots of scrapbooking today and did absolutely none. I use to so enjoy spending time scrapping & stamping and haven't hardly done any recently. I so need to finish Joe's Navy career album and just can't get myself motivated to do much with it. He will be retiring this summer and I'm not even half done with his book. Somewhere, somehow there has got to be something that will give me the motivation I need to complete this project. I would very much like to present it to him at his retirement.

Shopping disgust me

I went shopping today for something to wear tomorrow to church. I wound up completely disgusted with how every thing looks on me. I don't want to be 20 again, but I sure would like to look it. Everything is heading south more quickly than I would like. Unfortunately I don't have the money to get it fixed. I believe wholeheartedly that plastic surgery is a good thing!

I don't know what happened but most days I feel as if some where along the way the life has been sucked out of me. I use to love to wear make-up & cute clothes and over the years that has gone completely by the wayside. I don't know how to get back my old self. Lately I have been thinking about the way I use to be & feel and I miss the old me.

I want to be the cute, hip mom that my boys won't be embarrassed to be seen with.

Struggling with my creativity

I am working on a scrapbook of my husbands 24 years Naval service. Unfortunately, when I started this album 8 years ago I had just started scrapping and now that I am trying to redo the layouts I am struggling with what to do with them. I know my struggle is coming from the fact that I cut the photos into all kinds of different shapes and since we don't have the negatives I can't get the photos reprinted. I hope that I can get this album done before his retirement this summer.

Why am I doing this?

I'm not sure why I decided to set up a blog. I don't know that there is anything in my life that will be interesting enough for others to care reading about. But here goes nothing I guess.