2005 Goals & Resolutions...

Here are my goals & resolutions for 2005. I can honestly say that I am not getting anywhere quickly with these. I have got to get more motivated to work on all these things!!

1. Finish DH military album (he is suppose to retire this summer). I am struggling with working on this project. I want it to be something special for him to look at and enjoy remember all these years.
2. Get caught up I am about I am probably 4 yrs behind right now. I have not been working on this the way that I should. Some times I wonder why I scrapbook. Does anyone really care? Will my boys ever bother with looking back at our memories? I think these questions are why I struggle with continuing on.
3. Work on my genealogy research and start a heritage album. Who knew that genealogy research would be so time consuming & expensive. I started this because I recently realized that I know absolutely nothing about my father's side and I know very little about my mother's side.
4. Get all my digital pics organized in my new Adobe Elements 3.0 organizer program. Have I lost my mind?
5. Get all the pics we don't have negatives for scanned. need a new scanner
6. Use up my stash, only purchase the basics as I run out. I have been using a lot of the stash. I have spent so much money over the years and just collecting all this stuff. Must use what is hanging around taking up space! I loved all these things when I bought them and I don't worry about what the new trend is so that isn't an issue for using this stuff.
7. Get brave enough to try and get published. I finally submitted a covered journal through scrapsubmit

I am shooting for at least 1 page per day. For 365 pages this year.
Pages completed: 7

Non scrapping:
1. Exercise more - HaHa Who am I kidding?
2. Lose 40 lbs. - -2 lbs
3. Continue clearing clutter & organizing house - Motivated Moms working great
4. Pay down debt - This is a big issue for us. We are so far in the hole & need to very much climb out of it soon.


  1. Hey there girl, I just set my blog up too. Great job! CathyR

  2. Thanks Cathy. Glad to see I'm not the only one who decided to go this route. Suzanne


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