Another Sunday...

God is good all the time! We had a swim meet 2 hrs from home yesterday and our vehicle wouldn't start . Didn't have time to figure out what was wrong with it so we took the other one. Well after getting home Joe determined it was a low battery causing the problem. I am so grateful that it didn't happen on the way to or from the meet, but here at home.

We spent yesterday at a swim meet in Daytona Beach with our oldest. I think that he really enjoys swimming, but unfortunately he doesn't have the drive to win like we would like. Due to his Lymphedema swimming is the only sport that he can participate in. We aren't concerned about whether he wins his heats or not, we would just like to see him trying harder. He is getting faster in some of events and slower in others.

I have to get some things done today. Namely laundry & washing. I need to get lots of things done around here, but they won't get done today. Our house has gotten so full of clutter that I absolutely can't stand it. All the clutter is making me literally crazy. Sometimes I wish we could move. There is no better way of cleaning out crap & clutter than moving to a new home.