I am the most impatient person on earth!

Waiting for anything absolutely drives me batty. I hate being this way and I try and try not to, but can't help myself. I know without a doubt that God has a plan for our family as to what job Joe gets & if we move or not. But it is killing me not to know what is going to happen. The biggest thing that I want to know is if we are moving or not. We have a good bit to do in order for the house to be ready to be put on the market. I could live with not knowing where as long as I just know yes or no.

Joe got the call for a second interview from the company in SC! The second interview from FL was postponed. Both companies said something about next week, just don't have a definite date for either one yet. We really don't have a preference yet, beyond staying where we are.

My biggest hope is that where ever we are we are able to continue living the way we do now. As far as being able own a decent home & a little bit of land.