A new week...

What happened to the warm weather? Just a few days ago it was in the 80's and this morning we work up to ice on the windshield. It has warmed up some this afternoon, but nowhere near what it was. We were really starting to enjoy wearing shorts.

Today has not been so bad as last week. Matthew had speech therapy this morning as usual and did very well. It is amazing how far he has come along in the last 6 months. After his birthday in a few weeks he won't qualify for the Babies Can't Wait program. It will be up to the school district as to whether he gets any more speech, unless we can find the money to pay out of pocket. I know that when he starts preschool in Sept. his vocabulary is just going to explode. Right now he is only around other adults & his 11 yr. old brother.

Joe found out that 3 of the companies he interviewed with liked him. He has a second interview on Wed. with a company in Lee FL. Don't know if the other 2 are going to call for second interviews or not yet. One of the jobs is in SC and the other in AL. Also has a friend trying to get him a civilian job on the base here. We will just have to wait and see what God has planned for us. In some ways I would like to stay where we are and in some ways I am ready to move again.

Tonight is swim practice for Jared. I wish we could figure out some way to make that child more competitive. I'm glad that he is bettering his time at each meet, but would like for him to at least care about whether he wins or not. Is there a way to make someone competitive or is that something that you are born with?