This week has sucked...

This week has sucked. It started early Monday morning. On top of everything else we are all sick. I HATE being sick!!!! We were doing so good at staying well until now.

My 78 yr. old grandmother fell and broke her hip. The doctor was able to repair it with surgery. Given her state of mind, her physical health and her low tolerance for pain the best we can hope for is that she is going to be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. According to what I found online about hip fractures older people who are sedentary have an extremely high mortality rate the first year. Momma has been in the bed almost 24/7 for the last year. As much as I hate to say it I don't feel like she has the fortitude or gumption to live too much longer.
We are all sick. I hate being sick!!!!

Joe left yesterday morning to go to Atlanta. He will hopefully be back tonight. He went up there for a job conference/fair. He will be interviewing with 5-6 companies today. I keep telling him that God has a plan for our family and everything is going to work out. I am trying to put on a brave face with him, but I do worry that we are going to end up losing. I don't want him to be worried about me so I continue on with being brave. I know that God will not reveal his plan for us until we are able to put it completely in his hands and I really am trying, but that is not something that comes easy to either one of us.

And finally Jared is flunking 3 of his academic subjects in school. How can a child who is so smart & bright flunk out of school? He has 1 month to get his grades up to passing or he is going to be repeating 6th grade. As it is even if he manages to pass this year I don't think they will put him in gifted classes next year.

I hope that the rest of this week go much better than the start has.