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I have not done a very good job of keeping up with this blog. The last several months have been absolutely crazy with Joe's military retirement and the move. I am hopeful that we are finally starting to get settled in to our new home & life. There is still some unpacking and organizing to get done and we are still looking for a church home for our family.

I have finally dug out some craft supplies and started working on painting Memory Boxes for the Memory Box Artist Program. This is a wonderful program that provides beautiful hand painted boxes to hospital bereavement counselors to give to parents who have lost a child at birth or shortly after. You can find out more information about this at I found out about this a while back & painted one box and it unfortunately got pushed to the side. I just finished a box ans have another one to start on. My goal is going to be to complete at least 1 box per month for this program.

I also need to get all my other craft supplies cleaned out & organized so that I can get my scrapbook up to date and get back to working on making some cards for my cancer friend and Keiki kids. I have so many charities that I want to get things accomplished for that I need to get thing very organized so that I can get myself set up to work on the different projects in an orderly fashion.