Time Flies!

I can't believe that the days are going by so fast. It has been a week since my last post and that just seems unfathomable. It is going to be Christmas before we know it and I'm so far from being ready for it that I may never get done.

I had a terrific weekend shopping. My mom & step-father were here for the weekend and we spent lots of time shopping. I don't have anyone to go shopping with and I try not to drag Joe any more that necessary. I know that he will go with me but it isn't his favorite thing to do. I have such a fabulous husband!

Must get my daily cleaning done so that I can get back to work painting & making Christmas cards. I want to be done with making cards by Thanksgiving and at the rate I'm going that isn't going to happen. Don't know where to garner anymore motivation from to get things done. I feel so burnt out most days that I don't get anywhere near what I should done.