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I hate being sick!!!!!

I absolutely hate being sick! We are all sick. Jared brought something home from school, now he is getting better and the rest of us are starting to get sick. Sore throats, earaches & a cough what joy! Must go to the drug store today and find something for us to take so we can sleep at night.

On the upside I have finished 18 Christmas cards. Yeah!!!!! I am determined to not wait until the week before I want to mail them to be starting them. I am hoping that this will be the beginning of getting things more organized and enjoyable again!

Pumpkin Picking

The boys and I went and got our pumpkin today. Jared decided he wanted to do the carving this year. He did a good job don't you think.

62 days to Christmas

I can't believe it is only 62 days until Christmas. The year has passed by so quickly. We have been so busy with getting ready to move and then moving and getting the new house how we want it that the time has just slipped away. I started making my Christmas cards over the weekend, but only have 7 done. No shopping done yet. I need to get on that soon too.

Mrs. Claus at Croppers Cottage is trying to get us all ready. I have to find a notebook to get started making my list and getting myself organized so that hopefully we will be ready for Christmas early this year.

Memory Boxes

I've completed 4 memory boxes in the last 3 weeks. I am really enjoying painting these boxes. Here are 3 of the ones I've done so far. I am going to either start a Picturetrail or Webshots album to keep all of them in.

A busy week...

Saturday we all had eye exam appointments and that ended up being an all day affair, by the time we all got checked & dilated and picked out glass for dh and our oldest. Yesterday both boys had dentist appointments and I have my dentist appointment tomorrow. Feels like I'm living at the doctors and dentist lately. I'll be very glad when we are finally all up to date on all these appointments.

I finally got started yesterday trying to organize my craft space. It is such a huge mess! In our house in GA I had an 7'x10' room for my craft space, but when we moved to TN I lost my room and have to share space in our bonus room. We decided that the bonus room would be my craft space/computer space/video game/exercise room. I am trying to clean out/declutter & down size all my supplies. I swear this stuff is multiplying in the dark night. I don't remember getting all this stuff.

Back to Posting

I have not done a very good job of keeping up with this blog. The last several months have been absolutely crazy with Joe's military retirement and the move. I am hopeful that we are finally starting to get settled in to our new home & life. There is still some unpacking and organizing to get done and we are still looking for a church home for our family.

I have finally dug out some craft supplies and started working on painting Memory Boxes for the Memory Box Artist Program. This is a wonderful program that provides beautiful hand painted boxes to hospital bereavement counselors to give to parents who have lost a child at birth or shortly after. You can find out more information about this at I found out about this a while back & painted one box and it unfortunately got pushed to the side. I just finished a box ans have another one to start on. My goal is going to be to complete at least 1 box per month for this program.

I also…