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I feel like Scrooge!!!

I can't believe that it is Christmas Eve. While I very much enjoyed Christmas Eve services at church tonight, I totally feel like Scrooge this year. Instead of telling everyone Merry Christmas I want to run around yelling BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!! I guess I'm still struggling with moving this year and not spending Christmas with my family for the first time in 7 years. I don't know what else is causing me to feel like this. I hope that next year will be much better since we will be more settled in here. We let the boys open 1 present each tonight and then they will get Santa in the morning then they won't get the rest of their presents until after church.

I can check one thing off my 2006 goals. We have decided on a church to join. Now we just have to find Sunday School classes or Connect Groups as this church calls them for all of us.

BAH HUMBUG!!!!! I mean MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!

My Goals for 2006...

I've really been thinking a lot the few days about how quickly this last year has gone. I don't feel like I got anything accomplished and don't want next year to end up the same way. I've made a list of thinks I want to do and accomplish next year.

1. Daily Bible reading
2. Get re-organized
3. Continue work on debt repayment
4. Finish getting house together & decorated
5. Read 1 book a month
6. Paint 1 memory box a month
7. Scrapbook & stamp regularly
8. Exercise regularly
9. Find a church to join & SS classes
10. Finish decluttering house

I hope to be able to accomplish all of these things, but don't want to have the pressure of making New Year's Resolutions. I don't of anyone personally who has ever been able to keep a resolution for more than a week or two.

Are you Ready for Christmas?

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post.

I cannot believe that it is only 12 days until Christmas. I still have my nieces & nephews packages to get in the mail and I'm waiting on some stuff from for my kids and the I'm through with shopping. With the move this year it just doesn't feel like Christmas. I am definitely not in the Christmas spirit!! I did get my Christmas cards finished and mailed. I still need to do some candy making and some food shopping. I hope next year brings more Christmas cheer and spirit for our house.