This space needs help!!!!!

This is where I create or should I say try to create. I miss my craft room terrible. Our house in GA has a wonderful 7x10 room that my sweet hubby built especially for me. It had lots of light & space for everything. Since the move I now have a 6x6 foot corner of a room. I hate the color of the walls & flooring and I am despising the desk & shelves. I help design and make these shelves and I really thought they would work, but alas they don't. We have designed a new set of shelves that we will build out the current shelves. Now if my dh would just have the time to help me build them.

The room is our bonus room that we use for a family room/computer room/craft room. Nothing at all about this room is working for me. There are toys & video games everywhere. There is crap sitting on every shelf in the room. This has definitely got to be the next room we paint & decorate! Hopefully now that dh is back to working days we can do something in here. Now to decide on a color.


  1. Ugh, I know. my scrap space is my dining room table.


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