Aging Sucks!!!!

I saw the orthopedist yesterday & was told that my shoulder & arm pain are due to me having arthritic changes in my neck & narrowed disc spaces. I am only 39. How can I be getting arthritis this bad already?! Of course the anti-inflammation meds he wanted me to take I can't due to having an allergy to sulfa meds. I start physical therapy next week and we will see what happens.

I have got to start exercising! My grandmother has arthritis & disc degeneration in her neck and is in such back shape because of it. I do not want to end up in chronic pain any faster than I have to. Guess it is definitely time to look into getting us a Bowflex to use. This diagnosis was definitely not what I wanted to hear!


  1. sorry to hear about your shoulder - i totally agree with you - aging does SUCK! but think of it this way.. at least you're not losing your hair yet. (smiles*)

    take care,

  2. I'm so sorry to hear your diagnosis. We've come a long way since Grandma's day with out knowledge of exercise and pain management. I'll keep my fingers crossed that there are some good answers out there for you!

    P.S. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Sometimes I really wonder if anyone is watching :)


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