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Still Trying to Organize my Craft Space!!!!!

I'm so ready to scream! I've been trying to organize my craft space & getting nowhere fast. Decided to unmount a bunch of my wood mounted stamps and also get rid of a bunch of them too. The question of which ones to get rid of is the hard part. As soon as I finish going through all of them they are going to eBay. Hopefully I can get some of my money back. From now on not buying anymore wood mount stamps! They take up way too much room of which I have very little.

Yesterday Fun

I attended the Stamp Scrap Art Tour yesterday in Nashville. Spent way too much money. So much cool stuff!!! When I walked in to that big room full of rubber, paper & glitter it made my heart pound & I could wait to see everything. I've heard that they didn't have as big a turn out as expected; I hope that doesn't stop them from holding it again next year. Next year I'll know to make sure I can stay the whole day and not just 3 hours.

I need Mission Organization!

My scrap/stamp area looks like a scrapbook store & a rubber stamp store had a party & threw up in it! I didn't do any cards for my last card group because I can't find anything. I have decided to bite the bullet & go unmounted with my stamps. Had to just finally say I'm doing it & stop researching it & worrying if it was the right decision. I do not have space for the hundreds of wood mounted stamps that I currently have. My plan is to buy only unmounted stamps from now on. I have so many cute wood mounted stamps & I'm having a big struggle with which ones to let go & which ones to keep.

Someone please HELP me! I have to get this area organized. Must get hubby to rebuild my shelves asap.

Update on 2006 Goals...

1. Daily Bible reading - I've been horrible about this one.
2. Get re-organized - Still working on this one.
3. Continue work on debt repayment - Down to 1 car pmt. & 1 credit card.
4. Finish getting house together & decorated - Have a long ways to go still.
5. Read 1 book a month - Think I've read only 4 books.
6. Paint 1 memory box a month - Taking a break from this. I was getting too tense.
7. Scrapbook & stamp regularly - Joining a card group that meets twice a month has helped with this one.
8. Exercise regularly - Not even!
9. Find a church to join & SS classes - Still haven't joined a SS class yet.
10. Finish decluttering house - Still working on this one. Craft area looks like an LSS & stamp store threw up in it.