My 2007 Goals...

It is time again to set my goals for the new year. I did fairly well last year and hope to do better this year.

1. Daily Bible reading (52 Week Bible Reading Plan)
2. Get re-organized
3. Continue work on debt repayment
4. Finish getting house together & decorated
5. Read 1 book a month
6. Scrapbook & stamp regularly
7. Exercise regularly
8. Lose weight (30 lbs.)
9. Finish decluttering house

Not much change from last year's list, but still things that I need to continue working on. Some of these I hope to be able to mark completely off my list this year.


  1. Your list includes some of my goals for 2007. Have a Blessed 2007!

  2. Wow, some of those are pretty tough! how are you doing so far? My DH and I are working on dept-repayment also. The losing weight and excercise part would be tough for me, but I stamp everyday!
    I wish you the best with your goals!


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