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Here we go again...

I can't believe is has already been 9 days since my last post. I've been busy the last week researching ADHD since our youngest was diagnosed last week. We've pretty much been in denial about him having this condition. I mean we've always know he has an unbelievable amount of energy, but we just kept thinking that as he got older it would get better. He has always been a huge bundle of energy even as a baby. We got him started on medication and boy do I feel like the world's worst parent. I have always said I would never put my kids on medication, but that was of course before we had Matthew. I need to come up with a daily schedule to get him started on and try to find a good psychologist to work with us on his aggression.


  1. Hi. Please don't feel like a bad mom. If he had an infection you would treat him with antibiotics. If he had a cut you would put a bandaid on it. The drugs aren't just so you will find him easier to handle. They are so he will find it easier to live in the world with the rest of us non-ADHD folks.

    My son has ADD. He was borderline on the hyper part and that put us right on the fence where meds came in. The doc said it wasn't a clear cut case for suggesting them but he also wouldn't suggest that we opt not to medicate. A whole lot of help that was! LOL We went the non med path. Boy was I a hard working mom! They got to know me real well at his schools :) He is 25 now and some times I still think about it and wonder if he wouldn't have gotten through life and school better if we had medicated. The bottom line was that we didn't know for sure then or now so we had to just try our best to make a good choice and then learn to turst ourselves. The same thing we had to do with every parenting issue.

    Good luck with your little one. He will keep you busy.. but it will all be worth it :)


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