This is a must read blog post!

Check out this post on PAPERLICIOUS . I was amazed to read this blog post by Joan. This is exactly how I feel on most days. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who has gotten neurotic over this whole paper crafting business. How does something that is suppose to be fun & enjoyable get to this point?

I did all my scrapping stuff about a year ago and sold every bit of it on eBay. Just recently have even had any thought or desire to think about starting to scrap again. I still haven't picked up anything and scrapped it yet, but the desire is starting to come back. Now if I could just get the enjoyment of both stamping and scrapping back.


  1. I remember reading that post when it was first posted. I felt alot like that. That's when I realized I was going to blog for MY amusement, (cause let's face it, I crack myself up!) and I was gonna create what I wanted! Yes, I'm an SU demo, but there are so many other FUN products out there! Plus, I'm not gonna worry about being "popular"...God, I'm 36 years old, not in High School!


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