Change of plans

I posted on my idea for organizing my craft area. I took the Target cubes back to the store today. When I bought them I did not know that the drawer rails were made of plastic. I just didn't feel that the plastic would hold up well to a lot of use so I didn't want to even assemble them and then they not last well. I bought 3 more Sterilite drawer organizers. A 4 drawer one and two 3 drawer ones. I'm hoping that I can get all my supplies in them and then use the 8 1/2 x 11 -3 drawer ones I can then use for all my wood mounted stamps.

Every time I try to get started organizing my mess I get so overwhelmed & frustrated that I end up giving up. I decided to day that I just need to pick one thing and straighten it up so I scanned a folder full of receipts today and then I trashed the originals. I had kept them so I could do a home inventory and so they are all scanned & added to the inventory on my computer. I found this free home inventory program online. Tomorrow I will decide on the next thing to do.

Unfortunately that is all I got organized today. Youngest had an allergist appt. this morning. We changed his doctor so they retested him and discovered that he is allergic to 35 out of 40 things. Also had his blood drawn for the first time. That was just loads of fun - NOT! Made my return to Target and then started going through the receipts. Both boys started karate this week. I am going to be at the karate school 4 days a week for the next 8 weeks. I have to get photos of them. They have each had 1 class each and bad mommy didn't take any pics yet.


  1. You will feel so much better once you are all organized. The hard part will be STAYING organized!


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