Still cleaning our & trying to organize

Well I changed my mind again about the drawers. I took the 4 drawers ones back & bought 2 more of the 3 drawer ones. I know that the plastic drawers are not the prettiest things in the world but at least everything will be organized and easier to use. Maybe in our next house I will get to have a craft room that I can put pretty cabinets & nicer furniture in.

Not only am I trying to organize and clean out I signed up for a card swap on SCS that I have to get done. Started working on that this morning. I have 1 made and started doing all the stamping. I like to try and work in assembly line fashion when making a bunch of 1 design. If all goes well I hope to have it completed and in the mail by Monday. And I need to get my kit out from the last card group I went to 3 weeks ago and come up with some cards with it before next card group. Oy Vey!