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I finally finished Harry Potter and I'm so nervous about my course

I finally finished reading Harry Potter. Now I can stop avoiding the tv & internet. It was pretty good. It definitely did not end the way I was expecting it too. I don't know why I was expecting it to go a completely different direction than it did, but I can see there being spin-offs of the book in the future.

I received my MT course material today. I am so nervous about this course I signed up to take. I read over the student syllabus. When I think about the studying and the test taking it just makes my stomach turn somersaults.

I did it!

I signed up to start an online course in Medical Transcription. Twenty-two years ago, at the age of 18, I started taking a Medical Transcription course, but was in a very bad place in my life & had to quit school after the first quarter. Now I am going to be able to complete something I started long ago. I am very nervous about it though. I have 18 months to complete the course and must pass with at least an 86 to get my diploma. I haven't done any actual studying in 22 years! Hubby says he has no doubt that I will do fine with it, but me I'm not feeling so confident at this moment.

Not jumping on the Copic wagon...

While in Hobby Lobby today I made the decision that I am not going to jump on the Copic wagon just yet. I am going to work on getting better with my Prismacolor Pencils first. I have 72 of these pencils and I have used them some with Gamsol, but I haven't spent a lot of time with them. So I am going to concentrate on learning to use these things to their full extent. I will be sharing things here are I work on them.

I know I haven't posted here in 5 days or more, but I've been concentrating on cleaning out. Tomorrow is going to be eBay day and I am going to be listing a bunch of stuff. I also picked up the new Harry Potter book today and plan on starting to read that tomorrow too. I am trying to be so careful what I read online & watch on tv because I do not want to know what happens in the book until I read it. IF I don't post for a few days you know that I am engrossed in the book, but I will be back soon.

Cleaning Out!

I am still working hard on cleaning out my craft corner. I got a good start on it yesterday, but still more things to sort through and get rid of. I have a pretty sale box going already. I'm trying to take pictures of everything so I can get everything listed. Figure it is better to take pictures as I go instead of all at the end, but that is slowing my progress down. My creativity is missing and I'm sure it is just lost in all the mess & will be discovered soon.

Trying something new...

I am starting to digi-scrap again. This is the first digital layout I have done in a while. Still not sure I'm completely happy with the layout. On Jessica Sprague's blog I found a tutorial for Journaling Block on a Blurred Photo . Her directions were incredibly easy to follow. I loved the layout she used and thought I would scrap lift it. I changed a couple of things though.

Papers: Smarshmallows-Shabby Princess & Happy Flowers-Audra Little
Swirls: Smarshmallows-Shabby Princess
Font: Arial & Arial Bold

Happy 4th!

38 more days...

until school starts back; not that I'm counting. We have had major listening issues the last several days and I just haven't felt like doing any creating. I haven't even worked on the BPS class I signed up for. I printed out all the stuff just haven't worked on it yet. We have a peds appt. in the morning and hopefully a change of meds will help. I need to get Matthew to work on his fine motor skills in preparation for school starting. That is the one area that his preschool teacher said he was lagging and I have been trying to get him to work on it at home.

Promise to get back to creating soon & posting again.