Not jumping on the Copic wagon...

While in Hobby Lobby today I made the decision that I am not going to jump on the Copic wagon just yet. I am going to work on getting better with my Prismacolor Pencils first. I have 72 of these pencils and I have used them some with Gamsol, but I haven't spent a lot of time with them. So I am going to concentrate on learning to use these things to their full extent. I will be sharing things here are I work on them.

I know I haven't posted here in 5 days or more, but I've been concentrating on cleaning out. Tomorrow is going to be eBay day and I am going to be listing a bunch of stuff. I also picked up the new Harry Potter book today and plan on starting to read that tomorrow too. I am trying to be so careful what I read online & watch on tv because I do not want to know what happens in the book until I read it. IF I don't post for a few days you know that I am engrossed in the book, but I will be back soon.