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Since I am getting ready to start studying my Medical Transcription stuff and will be limited on time to create I really wanted to make sure my digital scrapbook stuff was organized and easier to use.

I have PSE Organizer, but never was thrilled with that and have read that when it gets full it bogs the program down. Anyone who has used PSE knows that it is slow enough as it is. I also tried the free trial of ACDsee. It is an OK program and lots of peop
le rave about it. I just did not want to buy another program when I don't even utilize all my current programs to their fullest potential.

Well one day while using Windows search for something else I had an epiphany! Why not use it for scrapbook stuff too. So I started doing a search at a number of different websites. I finally got my digital supplies organized!! Here are some screen shots of how it looks. (click on the images for a better view of them)

These are the folders that are in a main folder called Scrapbooking. The little green folder fronts I created using PSE 4 and named them folder.jpg so that they would show up on the folder fronts. I got this idea from Gina Miller's blog.

Here is the Kits-Full folder open: I went through all my digital files and renamed each item using this format: designername_kitname_itemname (i.e. brad, eyelet, paper, etc) I also added pattern or color names to the papers. And I renamed the preview folders to folder so that they would show up on the folder fronts. This way I can just scroll through the thumbnails if I'm trying to pick out a kit to use.

Here I did a Windows search for striped paper in my scrapbooking folder; as you can see it pulled up all my striped paper. When I named the paper files I used this format:
designername_kitname_paper_striped (or color name, floral, etc).

Hopefully this helps someone else who is struggling to organize their digital stuff and do it cheaply.


  1. I wish I had seen this before I purchased the new program! I too spent a great deal of time organizing my stuff in folders. Oh well! I like your folder.jpg idea. Your folders look really nice :)

    Denise (myfabfour)


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