Today I am 40!

Happy Birthday to Me and my son who turned 14 today. Yes I was in labor on my birthday. Believe it or not I do not have a problem turning 40 now 50 might be another story, but 40 is ok. Now if I just didn't feel like I look 40!


  1. Happy birthday to you and your son. By your photo, I would never have guessed that you are 40!

  2. Happy Birthday! Don't worry about 50, I'm facing that in a few days and I actually feel better about it than I did 40 :) I have to agree with the other person... you look younger than 40.

    Interesting that you had your baby on your birthday. I was born on my sister's birthday.. I'm guessing you feel like you got a better gift than she did. LOL My gift was leaving the hospital with my brand new baby on my birthday, she was born 4 days earlier.

  3. Happy Birthday!


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