Why does cleaning out make my heart pound so?!?!

I'm trying to sort through all my pattern paper & cardstock. Good grief! Where did all this paper come from? Is it reproducing itself during the night while we sleep? I haven't counted it, but I am positive that there has to be at least 3000 sheets of paper in my craft corner. And since there is so much of it why does the thought of sorting it and getting rid of some of it make my heart pound so. I had to take a break from sorting it because it is literally making me feel faint to think about getting rid of some of it. I obviously have a serious addiction to this stuff. Even if I started making cards with all this paper right this minute there is no way I could make enough cards to put a dent in it anytime in the near future. I have enough for years of card making! Note to self: STOP BUYING PAPER!!!!!!!