2008 Goals...

I cannot believe that it is 2008. Good grief where is the time going!?!? Maybe I can do better this year about completing all my goals.

1. Daily Bible reading (Chronological Reading Plan) -
2. Finish Medical Transcriptionist course -
3. Get re-organized & decluttering (2 rooms & master closet) -
4. Continue work on debt repayment -
5. Finish getting house together & decorated -
6. Read 1 book a month -
7. Scrapbook & stamp regularly -
8. Exercise regularly -
9. Lose weight (30 lbs.) -


  1. Good luck with those, I haven't even thought of New Year's resolutions yet, guess I will just wing it, as usual!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year!!


  3. I see you 'stole' some of my resolutions!!! Hope you have great success with at least half of the list!! I have just finished the house clean (believe me, hubby will not know what has hit him when he gets home tomorrow) - it is so liberating to 'chuck' stuff!



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