Book Time Saturday

I have been on a reading jag as of late. I went so long without reading much and then the last couple of months I've been wanting to do nothing but read. Here are my thoughts on the latest reads.

I just finished the Sue Grafton one today. This is the latest book in the Kinsey Millhone series. I have read all of them from A thru T now. I like these books but will admit that they can be very slow reading at times. For anyone not familiar with this series they are written about a female private investigator an the different cases and things that happen to her. I would recommend them if you enjoy this type of story.

I read this one last week. I very much enjoyed this one. I have never read any of Janet Evanovich's books, so I wasn't sure whether I would like them or not. I enjoyed it so much that have the next 2 of this series sitting on the bookshelf waiting to be read. It is a series about a woman named Stephanie Plum who becomes a bounty hunter. This one tells you how she fell into that line of work. There were some laugh out loud moments and it was so enjoyable that I read it in just a few days time. There are 14 books in this series so I have lots more to keep busy with for a while.

I hope that I don't bore everyone with all this stuff about the books I'm reading but know how it is to be looking for something new to read and thought maybe it would help some of you to find something new to read.


  1. I think I'd enjoy both of these series. I LOVE to read. Often read several books a week. Because I read so much I try not to be choosy and instead I try to be cheap! I get most my books from thrift stores and yard sales (at .25 to .99 each). My boss also loans me bags of books (his wife reads like I do). Thanks for sharing...I'll keep my eye out for these series.


  2. I am a HUGE Stephanie Plum fan! JE writes so that I laugh out loud a lot. You'll get a kick out of the series. Let's see, a new book comes out every June or July and occasionally there's a smaller special release book. I haven't liked her other books as well as Stephanie Plum. I'm in love with all of Stephanie's men. LOL! Have fun reading!


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