Update on 2008 Goals

1. Daily Bible reading (Chronological Reading Plan) -6 days missed out of 169.
2. Finish Medical Transcriptionist course - working on Session 10 out of 18.
3. Get re-organized & decluttering (2 rooms & master closet) - Still working on this on. It is amazing how much crap we had sitting in closets & drawers. Have either sold or given to Goodwill a whole lot of unused stuff.
4. Continue work on debt repayment - Still working on this one. I hope to be finished with vehicle payments by Dec 31.
5. Finish getting house together & decorated - I need a decorator!
6. Read 1 book a month - I've read 8 books and working on #9.
7. Scrapbook & stamp regularly - Getting better, not as regularly as I would like but better.
8. Exercise regularly - Started studying martial arts.
9. Lose weight (30 lbs.) - 0 pounds lost.


  1. Your ahead of me by just making a list of goals. As a matter of fact you have just inspired me to write down my goals. Good luck achieving your goals!

  2. I'm a list girl and goals are a good one to write down! Go the List!

  3. good luck with your goals!


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