What is 7249?

How many pages I have read since mid May! Talk about a major reading jag. I knew that I had been reading a whole lot lately but didn't realize just how much so. You may be wondering what I have been reading so here goes:

Janet Evanovich - The Stephanie Plum series 1-14 including the 3 novellas. (17 books in total.)
Stephanie Meyer - Twilight & New Moon
Sue Grafton - T is for Trespass
Diane Whiteside - The Irish Devil
America's Cheapest Family
1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12

GRAND TOTAL - 23 books in about 2-1/2 months

I'll come back and try to give a review for all of these books as I have time. I'm in the middle of reading another book when I'm not studing.


  1. Yanitza Ramos8/13/2008 8:50 AM

    Wow! You do have been reading a lot! :) Right now I'm reading "The Other Boleyn Girl"... I really liked the movie, so I wanted to read the book too. I'm only starting it, so we'll see how long does it takes me to read it completely.

  2. Wow!! Great job!!! I was pretty proud of myself that I finished 2 books in 3 months!! LOL Hopefully I can finish this 3rd one before I start work again!!!

  3. Wow! You and I have the same taste in books!! Haven't read the new Stephanie Meyer or Evanovich yet. Trying to save $$ and not buy books right now. While living with my mom, I've now read almost every Debbie Macomber because they're here and I don't have much to do--LOL! What a neat idea--I wonder how many pages i've read this year...

  4. Wow you are reading machine! I just finished all 4 books in the Twilight series in 8 days so I am just about sick of reading for a while!

  5. Holy Moly Suzanne - that is a whole pile of reading. I can understand how you can read that much though, because I am known for not putting a book down once I start it, even if it is 3.30am in the morning!

    :) Marcia


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