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Design Your Life class...

Today I signed up for a new online scrapbooking class. It is Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have looked at this class several times over the years that she has been teaching it but could never get signed up for it before. Hopefully this will put me on the path to getting all my scrapbooking back to being done.

Sunshine's Stamps Snowglobe challenge...

Once again this week Sunshine's Stamps is sponsoring a challenge at Show & Tell Cards and Scrap Pages. This weeks challenge is snowglobes and Sunshine gave us 4 images to choose from. This image is Sunshine's Stamps Waving Snowman.

As usual this is 100% digitally done using Photoshop Elements 5. The tutorial for the snowglobe is from Graphics Software. It has a zip file to download the snowglobe and then you just follow the instructions to fill and use it. I recolored the background that was part of the download.

The font is called Chilled and it can be downloaded at for free.

So much going on and nothing getting accomplished...

I have so much going on in my head & life right now and feel like absolutely nothing is being accomplished. Christmas shopping is almost finished. Just a couple more things to pick up. Yesterday I made Buckeye and Glass Candy and today I made Peanut Brittle and Peanut Butter Fudge. The fudge went to the trash. Don't think I let it cook long enough. It is time for a new candy thermometer.

Be on the look out for the recipes as soon as I get the motivation to photograph the candy. On of the projects I want to work on soon is a recipe book of all of our family's favorites. Then as the boys grow up and leave home I can give them each a printed book with all their favorite recipes.

I have 5 or 6 classes at Jessica and Big Picture Scrapbooking that I am getting ready to sign up to take. So hopefully I can get started on them and will have lots of things to post here.

Still studying martial arts and hope to test up to brown belt in April. January will also be 1 …

Sunshine's Stamps at Show and Tell Cards and Scrap Pages

Sunshine's Stamps is sponsoring the day 12 challenge of the 24 Days of Christmas at Show and Tell Cards and Scrap Pages.

This cards is done 100% digitally using Photoshop Elements 5.

Supplies used: Pattern Papers from Jessica Sprague's Holiday in Hand class. Kraft Paper is Katie Pertiet's Naturally Krafty No. 7. Brads are from Pattie Knox's Brad Bonanza No. 3. Ribbon is from a OScraps kit.

Too Much Plastic...

Since I've lived on my own I have always had a cabinet full of Tupperware, Rubbermaid, etc. The mess that has always come with it all has driven me crazy. Recently I absolutely couldn't stand it any longer and decided it was time to do something. Check out the difference! (You can click on the photo to see a larger view)

I filled up one box with all of the round and odd plastic containers and took them to Goodwill and then filled up another box with all the containers that were missing lids or just plain looked nasty and put them out for garbage pickup. Then we went to Target and bought some of theseand some more of theseAs you can see from the before and after photos it made a huge difference in space and clutter as well as the time in putting them away and finding what you need. They all stack so nice and neat and you can locate the right size container without having to empty the entire cabinet. An added benefit to these containers is that they fit so nicely in the ref…

Sunshine's Stamps is featuring Midnight Madness #30

This week Sunshine's Stamps is featuring Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge. Be sure to go over there and see all the great stuff in the giveaway.

Here is the card I came up with for this sketch. It is 100% digital and done using Photoshop Elements 5.

The image and the sentiment are from Sunshine's Stamps . Meet Blizzard and the sentiment is called Blowin' By be sure to check out the other great images that Sunshine & Robbie have come up with.
Papers: Michelle Coleman Frosted and Wonderful; Amy Teets Whitie Tightie, Katie Pertiet Rejoice
Embellishment: Shabby Princess Celebrating
Other: Jessica Sprague Scallop Circle

Sunshine's Stamps Merry Christmas Ornaments Cluster

This week Sunshine's challenge to the DT was paper piecing. She didn't think I could do it...hehehe. Surprise Sunshine! We didn't choose our images this time. I received Ornament Clusters image and Merry Christmas sentiment.

This one is done completely digitally using PSE 5. One of these days I may upgrade to version 8. Anyway, I paper pieced the ornaments with some digital papers that Jessica Sprague gave her Holidays in Hand class as part of the class downloads. I used SCS sketch #254 for the layout.

Sunshine's Stamps - Christmas

Sunshine's challenge this week to the DT members was to choose a Christmas sentiment and then she chose the image to go with it. I chose Angels Wings and I just love this sentiment even though I've never seen the whole movie it is from. Sunshine picked Poinsettia to send to me. It is a terrific image!

This was done 100% using Photoshop Elements 5. I used the paper to choose the colors to do the image. I used a paper sampler from Lynn Grievson. It's no longer available but you can see here that there are tons of other great papers to use.
I used a paper mask for the scalloped look. It's like a digital paper punch. The scalloped circle is a template from Jessica Sprague. The transparent ribbon is from an OScraps kit. It was in a download I received from one of the online classes I took from but there are tons of great kits and elements available where you could find elements just like this one.

Holiday in Hand - Assignment 3

I did not post anything about assignment 2 since that just involved printing. Assignment 3 is a little more complicated and requires us to fill in the prompt cards that Jessica provided for this class with things to do and things to make. I still have to go through and fill in the prompt cards but thought I would post my list on here too.

To Do
1. Visit a local light display
2. Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn
3. Go out somewhere special for dinner
4. Play board games
5. Have microwave s'mores
6. Have breakfast food for dinner
7. Commit to support a charity for a whole year
8. Adopt a new tradition
9. Add new ornaments to the tree for each family member
10. Advent calendar
11. Read favorite holiday stories
12. ICE!

To Make
1. Hot Chocolate & Hot cider
2. Peanut Butter fudge
3. Molasses cookies
4. New door wreath
5. Homemade soup
6. Make breakfast food for dinner
7. Make microwave s'mores

Jessica has given us prompt cards to use in the month of December the include Write…

Blue Belt Test - Passed

I passed my blue belt test tonight! Yeah me!! Now on to advanced blue and some new stuff to learn. I wish they would do away with the advanced belts though and just go with the regular belts. Less test sure would be a money saver. There really isn't a lot of difference between what the regular and advance belts have to learn for testing purposes.

Since hubby didn't have enough days to test this time I tested by myself so maybe this time I will get some photos of me at belt promotion. Usually hubby & I test together and the kids don't like going to our belt promotions so there are never any photos of us getting promoted. If I can get photos I'll post them next week after the belt promotion on Monday.

Holidays in Hand Day 1 - Values and Goals

Today is the first day of Jessica Sprague's class Holidays in Hand. Our assignment is to refocus on values and to set goals to reach them. She wanted us to journal or blog our thoughts so here goes.

First the values:

Second the goals:
I have always wished for Christmas to be a memorable time for our children. For them to remember that Christ is why we celebrate it and that it is suppose to be a time for giving. I don't feel that we have always held that up for them to see so my hope is to change that before it is too late. I want them to have wonderful memories of tradition, togetherness, and warmth and I want them to find a love of giving to others and for them to become more grateful for all that they are fortunate to have.

1. This year we will spend an evening driving around looking at lights and attend church for the Christmas special like always. These will be a continuation of current traditions.
2. I think that this y…

God Is Already There...

This week Sunshine challenged the DT to use only a sentiment and no other images. Here is what I came up with. The sentiment is from Sunshine Stamps and is named God is Already There and I just love it.

As usual this CARD IS 100% digital made with Photoshop Elements 5.
Papers: Grand Intentions kit by Jessica Sprague
Stitching: Straight Stitch by Katie Pertiet & ZigZaG I don't remember where I got that one.
Staples: Staple Its by Pattie Knox

Not very good at blogging the day to day stuff...

I know I named this blog Day to Day and boy do I suck at posting the daily stuff! The only thing my days seems to be filled with is weight loss & trying to figure out how to dress myself, housework, kids, and marital arts. I need to try and get better about journaling the day to day parts of life too.

I've been working hard the last couple of weeks to make up missed martial arts classes so that I can test this month for my next belt. Only 6 more belts to black. At the rate I'm going it is going to take me 2-1/2 more years. I really need to find the energy to do more than 2 classes a week.

My father-in-law passes away this past weekend. Even though he had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year we were hopeful that the chemo and radiation would work and he would be around much longer. My husband went home to be there for the funeral tomorrow. I hate so much that I am not there to hold his hand while he goes through the viewing & funeral tomorrow. Unfortunate…

Sunshine's Stamps Waving Snowman

Another terrific image from Sunshine's Stamps. There are lots of new images coming out for Christmas and winter so be sure to check them all out. This is another entirely digitally done card using Photoshop Elements 5.

All paper and elements are from Michelle Coleman's Wonderful and Winter Wonderland kits. Right now I can't find where to download them from but will keeping trying to find them for you all.

Layout is from SCS #249.

New Jessica Sprague class and it is FREE!

I just signed up for Jessica's new class at She is offering this class for free. Go over to her site and all the information on how to sign up is right on the home page.

The classes over there are always awesome and worth the time and cost. I've never had a complaint about any of the 6 that I have taken so far. There is always so much information and lots of downloads with each class.

I love that all of the class information and downloads are available forever. A lot of the other places are not like that and I hate paying for something and then not being able to access it again later.

Gardener Bunny from Sunshine's Stamps

Sunshine's Stamps has some of the cutest bunnies you will find anywhere! This one is Gardener Bunny. As usual I used Photoshop Elements 5 to color the image.

All supplies are digital.
Papers: Robin Carlton Squiggle It Add On and Katie the Scrapbook Lady Cardstock
Twill: Shabby Princess Holiday Sampler
Button: Shabby Princess Festival
Text Path: CK Oct. 09 issue
Font: Century Gothic

Layout is from SCS. It is sketch #252.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

so meet Boobie Bunny from Sunshine's Stamps. I'm a little late with my annual reminder about doing breast self exams but I guess it is better late than never. Don't you think Miss Bunny has a bit of attitude?! This is another completely digital card made using Photoshop Elements.

The image is colored using PSE 5. I use Shabby Princess Shabby Mommy kit. Click on the link and scroll done to find it. Shabby Princess has some terrific kits. Flourish is from Mary Ann Wise and unfortunately I cannot find a link for it.

Sunshine's Stamps - Nurse Bunny in digital...

Meet Nurse Bunny from Sunshine's Stamps. (You can click on the image and see a larger view.) Isn't she cute?! Sunshine and Robbie come up with some of the cutest images. This is card is entirely done digitally. I used Photoshop Elements 5 for everything from coloring the image to making the card.

I used the papers to select the colors I used for the image. The papers are from Jessica Sprague's Beautiful You and Echoes of Asia kits. The ribbon is from an Oscraps kit. The kit is a collaboration kit that I received taking an online class but they have a bunch of other great kits available. The pinned tag is from Katie Pertiet's Blank Safety Tags. Font on tag is Another Typewriter. Card Layout is Sketch #93 from Card Positioning Systems.

Witchy Bunny & Zombie Sentiment

Check out Sunshine's Stamps to see all the great new Sunny Bunny stamps and Sunny Bunny Sentiments . This week I chose Witchy Bunny and the Zombie sentiment for my card. Sunshine has some terrific sentiments.

I used Photoshop Elements 5 to color the image. The "papers" are from a Halloween kit that is unfortunately no longer available. The "eyelets" are from Shabby Princess Splash kit.

Christmas Planning in Progress...


Every year I say that I'm going to start early getting ready for Christmas and every year I'm still stressing on Christmas Eve trying to get everything finished. Well this year is going to be different. I found 100 Days to Christmas while blog hopping one day and decided to follow along.

Scrunchins What?!

Meet Scrunchins from Sunshine Stamps . He just looks to me like he is say "what are you looking at?!"

Scrunchins is colored in using Photoshop Elements 5. All papers and embellishments are from Katie Pertiet's Seaside kit . Font is Clingy.

Fumble by Sunshine Stamps

Meet Fumble from Sunshine Stamps. I am definitely not a sports fan but this one was an easy one to do.

Image colored with PSE 5. Digital papers and buttons are from Ellie Lash's Halloween kit. It is a freebie kit.

Font is Hot Coffee.

Stuey by Sunshine Stamps

This is Stuey. He is the one of this weeks images from Sunshine Stamps.

Image was colored in using PSE 5. The "papers" are from Michelle Underwood's Tropical Breeze kit and the "safety pin & tag" are from Katie Pertiet's Blank Safety Tags . Used SCS sketch #246 for the layout.

Font is Comic Sans. This is a standard windows font.


I haven't been feeling very chatty or much like organizing or creating anything. This week has just been such a grumpy week around our house. Grumpiness seems to have hit all 4 of us at different points and times this week. I'm assuming it has to do with the dreary, rainy weather we have had all week long. We are all definitely sun loving people in this house.

Suzanne Swordfish from Sunshine Stamps...

OK so I couldn't pass up using Suzanne Swordfish from Sunshine Stamps for this weeks card. As usual I used PSE 5 to color the image.

All of the "papers & embellishments" are from Designer Digitals Katie Pertiet 's Seaside kit.

Font is Century Gothic.

Thanks for stopping by!

Herky Bird from Sunshine Stamps...

Welcome to this week new image from Sunshine Stamps. Isn't he cute! I used PSE 5 to color this image. All the of the "papers" are from Peppermint Creative it's called Daditude and it's a free download. I used SCS sketch #151.

The font is Another Typewriter. This font is free at

Thanks for looking.

OOC Week 4 and Week 5 Goals...

I know I was suppose to update this on Friday but well as usual I have lost steam on the organizing around here. I've been spending time trying to come up with a budget that we can live on and not spend more than hubby makes each month. It has been a big struggle.

I hope that soon I will be able to find my organizing mojo again and get started back. It probably won't be until next week. This week has been steadily getting crappier and crappier. I pray that is starts getting better soon. Trouble with oldest son and school again. It is making me crazy to have such an intelligent kid who refuses to work to their potential in school. Not so great news from my doctor or my dentist this week. HELP!!!!

Hank Hayseed from Sunshine Stamps...

Meet Hank! Isn't he the cutest little tractor you've ever seen. This is one of the latest images from Sunshine Stamps. As usual I have colored this image in using PSE 5.

I used SCS sketch #213 for the layout. All of the "papers & brads" are from digital scrapbook kits by Katie Pertiet, Gina Cabrera, Amy Teets, Kellie Mize, and Shabby Princess. I think the grungy look of all the "papers" just fit with the old tractor image. I use the colors of the "papers" to select colors for the image. Font is Bleeding Cowboy.

I have tried to link to all the digital items if you are interested in trying them. Unfortunately some of the items I can no longer find online.

OOC Week 3 After and Week 4 Goals...

I did not get the hall bathroom finished this week either. I found a mirror that looks great at Bed, Bath & Beyond so I did work on the bathroom. Still have to get everything out of the closet & paint that but it is getting closer.

I didn't select it as my goal for week 3 but I did clean out Matthew's closet & cleaned his bedroom. Pulled out all the yuck clothes & sorted school clothes from play clothes. This had to be done since my mom is coming for a visit and she usually sleeps in Matthew's room. I forgot to take pictures so I don't have any to share.

My goal for week 4 is going to be to finish the bathroom project. Here are the before photos: Hall Bath. I have got to get this room finish. It is making me crazy that it isn't finished. Look for the after photos next week. :o)

HockerDocker Helicopter...

Here is HockerDocker Helicopter from Sunshine Stamps . This is a terrific image for boy's birthdays.

As usual this is done digitally using PSE 5. Everything on this one is from Shabby Princess. The "papers" are from Little Star, Urban Kiwi, and Celebrate. The brads from Holiday Magic. Amazingly I did not have any that were black so I had to recolor...they started out as red ones. The stitches are from Shabby Princess Shabby Stitches.

The font is Artistamp Medium.

Thanks for looking!

Today is my Birthday...

I am 42 today and still not finding my body, mind, or life where I want any of them to be. I have got to really work harder on getting myself back together and finding where I'm suppose to be in this stage of my life. There are so many things I want to be different. I just don't know where to began in order to get there. This is something I will have to start thinking hard on and figure out where I want to go and how I want to fix all the things I don't like. Stay tuned...there will be further examination in this area.

I need a schedule...

I am really thinking that I need to get myself on some kind of daily schedule. There just never seems to be anything getting done around here. I send 4-5 afternoons/early evenings running to & from the martial arts school. The kids are back in school so I have plenty of time during the day to get everything done and still spend lots of time on the computer.

I use to be so good at getting everything done without feeling stressed but over the last several years that has so gone by the wayside. I miss the days of having floors so clean you could eat off of and toilets you could drink out of. I need to get our home more organized and get myself back to organized. What I need is organization, more exercise, more reading, more crafting & less computer.

This is something that I have to start working on and see what I can come up with.

OOC Week 2 - Hall Bath followup

I know I'm late posting this and I still haven't decided on the next challenge. OK so here it is...hubby and I have spent the past week working on our hall bathroom. We are getting close to being done still have to install the baseboards & paint the closet. I will be working on getting that done next week. Guess that means this will be a 2 week project. I will post the after pictures as soon as I get everything completed. Things are looking good!

Birthday Hot to Trot...

The latest digital stamp image from Sunshine's Stamps . I again did this one digitally using PSE 5. The layout is from SCS sketch #239.

The "papers" are from Jessica Sprague's Home Away From Home kit. The "brads" from Shabby Princess Festival kit.

Thanks for looking!

Getting the Bathroom ready...

Hubby and I spent yesterday picking out paint, light fixtures & sink faucets for the hall bath. Now comes the fun part. We still have to clean & prep everything that needs painted. Then comes the painting. Finally decided which light fixture will be going in the bathroom. We went today after church and bought the paint. Tomorrow is the day for starting to paint. Wish us luck to get this done quickly!

OOC week 2 - Hall Bathroom

On to week 2 with the organizing. Hubby is going to be on vacation the next so I'm going to take on the hall bathroom. We will be painting it from top to bottom. The teeny tiny closet and cabinet will be getting organized. I'm also thinking maybe a new shower curtain, faucet & light fixture if I can find some reasonably priced. Here are the before photos: Hall Bath.

This is the bathroom that our 2 boys use daily and the one that visitor also have to use. It was a hard decision on whether to do the bathroom or the bonus room. Hubby being on vacation is what made the decision finally. My mom is planning on coming for a visit in a couple of weeks so the bathroom redo will be more important than the bonus room right now. Wish me luck!

I Scream You Scream...

This is Mr. Smoothie from Sunshine Stamps.
He is another cutie!

Again this was done digitally using PSE 5. The "papers" are from a mini kit call Lotsa Fun by Christy Heins. This was a free kit downloaded from I used SCS sketch #240. Font is Bell Bottom Laser.

Thanks for looking!

OOC week 1 - Entryway Closet After

Here is the after photos for my closet organization. It has been repainted and the shelf/rod have been replaced. I also edited out the coats and jackets. The kids stuff is now in their closets. the 2 drawer units hold all of our school & office supplies. I need to get the drawers labeled and get some new wheels for the 2 drawer one. I am calling this one finished!

Fly Me to The Moon...

New and upcoming images at Sunshine's Stamps.
This is Space Shuttle. Isn't he just the cutest little shuttle you've ever seen?! Space Shuttle along with 2 other images will be available starting Aug. 5th. Be sure to check them out.

This card was done digitally using PSE 5. The papers are from Angie Briggs Chocolate Covered kit. I can't remember where I downloaded this kit but know it was a freebie. Font is Century Gothic. I used SCS sketch #118.

Thanks for looking!

OOC: Week 1 - Entryway Closet

OK so I ran across this blog called Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent (definitely something I can relate too) and Melinda just started Operation Organization Challenge on there. Lord knows that my home needs all the organization help it can get and since the boys start back to school this week I thought why not try and see if this will give me some motivation to work on it. Perfect timing!

Since the challenge started on July 31 and I am joining in a few days late; my goal for this first week will be to finish the entryway closet that I started in May. It is about half way done so it should be a quick job to complete. This is what it looked like in May:

It has been emptied and painted and the shelf and rod have been replaced. I need to figure out the best way to organize all the stuff that needs to be stored in it. One thing our home lacks is storage. I will post the finished photos in a few days.

Girly Superbird...

OK here is a girly superbird. The digital stamp is from Sunshine Stamps.
The digital supplies I used for this one all come from Jessica Sprague's Strawberry Lemonade kit except for the ribbon which is from OScraps and recolored to match the colors on this card. I used PSE 5 as usual.

The font is Storybook.

Thanks Chrissy for the sentiment!!

Superbird has entered the scene...

Superbird is the last freebie from Sunshine Stamps . Cars are good around here since I live in a house full of boys. I just love this car too.

This is a digital card...I know a complete surprise right. The papers & brads are from Shabby Princess Our Little Star kit. This was done using PSE 5.

Thanks for looking!

An observation that would make life easier...

For some reason as I was dusting & vacuuming 2 of the bedroom yesterday it hit me just how cluttered our home has become. A quick check of all the other rooms confirmed it...we have a piling problem! With the exception of 1 small shelf in out living room there is not a flat surface that does not have stuff piled or sitting on it.

There are 9 rooms in the house counting the bathrooms & laundry room (10 if you want to count the garage) and there is only 1 - 7"x32" shelf that is empty. I don't know why it never dawned on me before just how bad the piling problem has become.

I can't even blame it on just 1 person either all 4 of us are responsible for all the piling. The other problem I have is where to put or what to do with all the crap laying all over the place. Yes I said crap because frankly that is what most of it is. We have a few nice things but they are very few. I can look around my living room right now and count on one hand the things that I love…

Meet Malcolm Milk Truck...

Malcolm is the latest image from Sunshine Stamps. Isn't he cute? The little sign on the side is blank so you can add any little sentiment that comes to mind.

As usual I used Photoshop Elements to color Malcolm. The papers are from Angie Briggs Tomboy kit. The brads are from Shabby Princess Celebrating kit. I used SCS sketch #237.

Thanks for the sentiment help Chrissy! Thanks everyone for looking!

2 more weeks of summer vacation...

Just 2 more weeks til the kids go back to school. I think I am just about done with all the back to school shopping.

Need to sit down and figure out all the things I need to get busy working on around here. There is lots of painting and decorating that still needs to be done. And I also need to finish my resume so that I can look into trying to find a part-time job somewhere. After 8 years of being a SAHM, I think it is time to go back to work so that I can get out and be around other adults.

Tomorrow may be a good park day. We have been living here for 4 years as of Aug. 1st and we have never been to any of the parks we have around here. Will have to remember to take some bread to feed the ducks too.

My stamping epiphany...

I think i finally realized what happened to my stamping enjoyment. I haven't stamped in probably 6 months or more and haven't exactly missed it either. I was thinking about it the other day when I was contemplating selling more craft stuff.

Before stamping became trying to keep up with all the new stuff and techniques & the people who were being published & getting on design teams, etc, I really enjoyed stamping. Then it got to the point where everyone and I do mean everyone (including me) was trying to outdo everyone else and the cards & techniques got more and more complicated. That is when my enjoyment of stamping went into the toilet and never resurfaced.

I tried several times to get published & tried a couple of times to get on design teams. Again in order to be part of the group & keep up with everyone. The one thing I learned about getting published or getting on design teams is that it is always the same people that are chosen over and over. It is…

Patrick Patrol Car...

Here is the latest digital stamp from Sunshine Stamps. Isn't he just the cutest! Again I used Photoshop Elements 5 and Sketch #236 to do this digital card.

The digital papers are all from Shabby Princess - Moody Blues, Urban Kiwi, Little Star & Celebrate kits. The brads are from O'Scraps Moonrise kit. Fonts are Another Typewriter and Clingy.

Thanks for Looking!

Lenny Loader from Sunshine Stamps....

Another cutie from Sunshine Stamps . This little loader is just so adorable!

I again did a digital card. I used Photoshop Elements 5 to color the image. Then I used Mindy Terasawa's Groovy Boy digital kit for all the elements except for the twill piece which is from Jackie Eckles' Twilled Phrases kit and the brads from Oscraps Moonrise kit. Font used is Tamlin.

I tried to find links to all the things used but unfortuately some of them I can't locate at this time. Thanks for looking!!

My First Digital Card

An online friend has started her own digital stamp company Sunshine's Stamps this adorable airplane is her first image. Since I haven't been made a card using paper in forever I thought I would try my hand at designing a digital card that could be printed out. This is what I came up with.

The first pic is the card front and the second one is the inside. Hope you like them.

I used Photoshop Elements 5 to color in the digital stamp. The papers and embellishments are from Mindy Terasawa's Groovyboy digital kit.

Now to figure out how to print it out to use and make it look good. LOL.

Well crap....26 year without an accident.....

The only accident I every had while I was driving was 26 years ago. Some girl ruined my record today!! My son and I were going to Target and a 21 yo girl pulled out in front of me. There was no way for me to stop without hitting her. Luckily the officer who was great looked at the vehicles and said he had no doubt whatsoever that she was at fault and he was putting it in his report that she failed to yield right of way. She did a lovely rolling slow down before pulling out of a parking lot right in front of me. She was driving an Accord I think so I'm glad I was driving hubby's car because it sits low to the ground. Had I been driving my truck the grill would have been right in her driver side window and things could have been so much worse than they were.

The officer had a sense of humor once the girl had left the scene and he was talking to just me. I will definitely have to put in a good word for the officer when I get a chance.

I Am A Blue Belt...

I passed my belt test tonight and I am now a blue belt. My scores were definitely much better than I expected them to be. I am one of those people that does not test well. It doesn't matter how well prepared or how much I've study I just freeze up when it is time to do a test.

Ugh now I have to start learning & remembering how to do palgwe (forms). I've watched the advanced belts do them and our instructor has even been having us doing them as lower belts but we have never had to test on them. Which looks something like this:

So much to do and no desire to do any...

There are so many things I need to be doing around here and I have had no desire or energy to do any of them. Lots of cleaning, organizing, painting & decorating that's needing to be done. I have almost finished the entryway closet that I started a month ago and I will share the before and after photos as soon as it's completed.

I did start walking on the new treadmill and so far I like this machine. It was not the most expensive and doesn't have all the bells & whistles but it does what we need it to do and that is all that matters. So far I have walked 3 times this week for a 1/2 mile each day.

Only 2 books left in the Dark Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon left to read. At least until the new one comes out. I was not sure that I was going to like these when I first started reading them, but I have enjoyed each one and have a hard time putting them down. If you enjoy paranormal and romance then these books are for you.

Oh and the first day of school is n…

The torture starts tomorrow...

Hubby got the new treadmill put together the other night and I finally found some sports bras yesterday. Guess that means that I have to start using the new torture device. Everyone wish me luck! I'm not so much worried about the pounds as much as I am the inches. If I can just start seeing the inches drop them I won't care what number is on the scale.

We got a Nordictrac treadmill from Sears. Hubby used it today and said it was alright. I'll have to let you all know what I think after I use it for a little while. It was last years model so it was on closeout but all the models should be pretty much the same quality.

I am shooting for being able to run 1.5 miles. That is what a blue belt is suppose to do for the fitness part.

I'm so boring everyone has gone away...

I have been horrible about keeping up with this blog lately. We have been out of town & I was crazy busy getting some things done before we left for vacation that I haven't even thought about blogging. I got the site counter info today and not one person visited the old blog last week. Oh well maybe now that vacation is done I will have some things to blog about soon.

Is anyone interested in my organizing feats that will be coming up? Lots of that needing to be done around here. I am also trying to locate the stylish woman that use to live in our home years ago. So far she is alluding me. There are some interesting fashion blogs that I am enjoying and I'm hoping that reading them will flush out that stylish woman.

I'm thinking of selling all my stamping stuff that I have laying around and maybe taking up a few new hobbies/crafts and revisiting some old ones. I haven't had any desire whatsoever to do any stamping but have been drawn to jewelry making & …

Vacuum Part 2...

I have used the new Dyson several times now and have been amazed & disgusted by just how much stuff this thing gets out of our carpets. I am loving the ball on it! It makes getting around the furniture as easy as a flick of the wrist. If you are in the need of a new vacuum and can swing the cost then definitely get a Dyson with the ball. I highly recommend it.

I got a new vacuum...

courtesy of
We bought a Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum yesterday. I have been looking at these vacuums for several years and had a hard time justifying the cost of them. They showed up for sale at Target yesterday and so hubby finally said I could get one. I've only used it once and in one room. I've added a photo as you can see of what it managed to pull out of the carpet.

I'm really embarrassed to share this photo. This is what came out of the carpet in just our living room. I first vacuumed the room with our 7 year old Hoover and then I went back over the floor with the Dyson and this is what came out. I am completely disgusted just thinking about this being left behind. I'm going to try using it on the sofa and chair tomorrow and see what comes out of them.

Finished Finally...

I got my final grade for my medical transcription course this weekend. I passed it with a 93%. Yeah me!! Now I'm just waiting to receive my diploma from M-TEC. Still not having an overwhelming desire to do this as a job or career. I am just ecstatic to finally be done with this whole course.

Wishing that I had done an accounting course or maybe a web design course. I did do a website design for a local business last year and enjoyed it. As a matter of fact I enjoyed it way more than I did the transcription course! I don't know what I was thinking. Now to figure out what I am going to do.

New blog look...

I used this tutorial and made the new background that you see. It was done using PSE 5. This was super easy to do. My concern is the length of time that it takes to load. I know how I hate when a page takes forever to load completely and don't want to subject any of those who stop by to a slow loading page..

Can all who check out my ramblings here please let me know if it takes a long time to load the background. If takes too long I may end up removing it. Thanks!!

Twilight the Movie...

I finally broke down and watch this movie today. I didn't buy the DVD since it is currently on On Demand on Comcast Cable. It is just too expensive so we typically don't go to the theaters to see movies either.

I read the entire Twilight series last summer and enjoyed all of them. However, the movie was another thing entirely. I realize that a movie cannot include everything that is written in a book but I hate that they change things to the extent that they do.

They changed way too many things for my happiness. Yes it was based on the book but they did change a lot of things, too many for me. I know better than to watch movies based on books that I have actually read.

Almost finished...

I am working on my final test for the medical transcription course I've been taking. It has taken me 20 months to get to this point and it is none too soon. This course has made me feel absolutely crazy so I am very glad to be getting to the end. The courses is a really good one. You really do get a good transcription education even though it is all done at home.

The bad thing is that I'm not so sure that I want to do this as a job after spending the last 20 months studying it. I know hubby is ready to kill me every time he thinks about what we spent on the course and now I don't want to do anything with it. He thinks that I will enjoy it once I'm not trying to study and pass test, etc. I'm not so sure of that. Guess we will have to wait and see how I do on my final test.

I told hubby that after I finish my course I am going to start studying to get my motorcycle permit. I started reading the handbook so I could take the test and then decided to put that a…

Not much to say...

I have had absolutely nothing to talk about lately. I have been sick for 3 weeks now and think I'm finally starting to get over it. It is no fun feeling like you are coughing up a lung every time you cough.

I'm still working on my Medical Transcription course and I'm almost to the end. Thank goodness! I am so past ready to be done with this course. Still doing my martial arts classes and my tai chi class. I've enjoyed my tai chi class very much. This Sword Form is very similar to the one we are doing in class. I am finding this to be a very relaxing activity. We will be doing our test on this form in a couple of weeks and then we will start a new form.

Doing lots of reading lately and my house really shows it too. Want to see what I've been reading you can it out here: Goodreads. I've read 20 books already this year. I'm currently reading Stroke of Midnight. I started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series last year and know I ha…

Oh Shoot Lesson 3 - Manual...

Here is this weeks photo for the Oh Shoot class I've been taking. There isn't much in my yard to photograph so since my holiday cactus is blooming again I decided to use that.

This week we were to use our camera on manual. We also learned about metering and I had a small "ah ha" moments with the metering. Still have lots to learn but hopefully I'm getting somewhere.