Learning to Ride...

This is what I'm learning to ride. A 1986 Yamaha Virago 700. This past September I told hubby that he could get another motorcycle if he would teach me to ride. What can I say I have control issues and have never been overly comfortable being on the back.

We spent a month of so working on it some and then it got cold. He put gas in it this weekend and got it running. The plan is that I will keep practicing on this bike and then I am going to go take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding course sometime this year. Hubby thinks I will be able to just study the book and practice on the bike we have and then take the tests at DMV without any problems.

I see lots of women riders all the time and recently found out about a women's riding group here local. We will have to see how it works out. I still have a good deal of fear about this new adventure. Hubby tells me that is good because that will make me a more alert rider, but I feel like it is also getting in the way of me feeling 100% comfortable too. See I have never really done anything that could be considered dangerous in my life. At 41 and with 2 kids it is hard to just let go.


  1. Best of luck, growing up on a farm, I did my fair share of m/bike riding, but on the open road it is a whole different story!

    :) Marcia

  2. Last summer I bought a moped scooter. Not nearly the bike you are learning on but it was a stretch for me too. I really loved it. My heart was broken when my husband took it and stored it for the winter. I can hardly wait to get it out again this spring. And by the way, I am a safe sally too and I am 56.

    a SBS4 friend

  3. Hopefully the weather will warm up for you so you can get right back on it. Once you get going you'll want to spend most of your time riding. I hope to get out this weekend, it should be in the 70's here in Colorado Springs. ;)

  4. I grew up riding motorcycles and then went through one of the motorcycle safety riding courses with my husband so he could learn how to ride. I have to agree with your husband, once you know how to ride, the course is not very helpful. They won't even let you get out of first gear. In fact, I got in trouble for shifting. Can you believe that? Study the book and practice what you know will be on the test and you'll do fine.


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