New blog look...

I used this tutorial and made the new background that you see. It was done using PSE 5. This was super easy to do. My concern is the length of time that it takes to load. I know how I hate when a page takes forever to load completely and don't want to subject any of those who stop by to a slow loading page..

Can all who check out my ramblings here please let me know if it takes a long time to load the background. If takes too long I may end up removing it. Thanks!!


  1. Hi Suzanne, just letting you know that my computer is the slowest ever and I didn't have any problems with your blog loading... :)

  2. your blog loaded up fine, love the background, clever you!

    Have a great evening, Debx

  3. I had no problems with the background loading, it came up pretty quick. Cute background and the ribbon flowers are wonderful ;)

  4. It loaded right up for me. I know what you me. I loathe going to sites that take forever to load.

  5. Hey Suzanne - didn't take long at all. I love the colours, they are so warm and inviting!

    Hope you are well.

    :) Marcia P


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