Not much to say...

I have had absolutely nothing to talk about lately. I have been sick for 3 weeks now and think I'm finally starting to get over it. It is no fun feeling like you are coughing up a lung every time you cough.

I'm still working on my Medical Transcription course and I'm almost to the end. Thank goodness! I am so past ready to be done with this course. Still doing my martial arts classes and my tai chi class. I've enjoyed my tai chi class very much. This Sword Form is very similar to the one we are doing in class. I am finding this to be a very relaxing activity. We will be doing our test on this form in a couple of weeks and then we will start a new form.

Doing lots of reading lately and my house really shows it too. Want to see what I've been reading you can it out here: Goodreads. I've read 20 books already this year. I'm currently reading Stroke of Midnight. I started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series last year and know I have to finish the series. Unfortunately that is the way by brain works when it comes to a book series. Start at the first one and read through to the last one available.


  1. Happy to hear that your feeling somewhat better... it stinks being sick and sickness with the cough is horrible.

    I'll have to check out your books at Goodreads, I'm always looking for new books that might interest me. BTW thanks for adding me to your friends list, I had no idea that you were there. ;)

  2. Poor you, glad you are a little better, enjoy your books!
    Have a great day! Debx


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