Twilight the Movie...

I finally broke down and watch this movie today. I didn't buy the DVD since it is currently on On Demand on Comcast Cable. It is just too expensive so we typically don't go to the theaters to see movies either.

I read the entire Twilight series last summer and enjoyed all of them. However, the movie was another thing entirely. I realize that a movie cannot include everything that is written in a book but I hate that they change things to the extent that they do.

They changed way too many things for my happiness. Yes it was based on the book but they did change a lot of things, too many for me. I know better than to watch movies based on books that I have actually read.


  1. I saw the movie before I read the Twilight Sage, once I read the books I was kind of disappointed in the movie. Don't get me wrong I liked the movie (enough to see it five times with my daughter)... I just like the book more. After reading the book I realized how much they left out.

    I read that this movie was #1 Comcast's On Demand. ;)


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