I got a new vacuum...

courtesy of Target.com

We bought a Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum yesterday. I have been looking at these vacuums for several years and had a hard time justifying the cost of them. They showed up for sale at Target yesterday and so hubby finally said I could get one. I've only used it once and in one room. I've added a photo as you can see of what it managed to pull out of the carpet.

I'm really embarrassed to share this photo. This is what came out of the carpet in just our living room. I first vacuumed the room with our 7 year old Hoover and then I went back over the floor with the Dyson and this is what came out. I am completely disgusted just thinking about this being left behind. I'm going to try using it on the sofa and chair tomorrow and see what comes out of them.


  1. Yippee for you, you are going to love it. I've had my Dyson for a about four years now and still LOVE it... This is the longest I ever had a vacuum (I have vacuuming issues) and this is still going strong! It's the best thing and it's so worth the money.

    You'll have to tell you how you like the pivoting ball, mine is just a normal upright.

  2. EEEEW. It's amazing the stuff that lurks in our carpets.


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