Well crap....26 year without an accident.....

The only accident I every had while I was driving was 26 years ago. Some girl ruined my record today!! My son and I were going to Target and a 21 yo girl pulled out in front of me. There was no way for me to stop without hitting her. Luckily the officer who was great looked at the vehicles and said he had no doubt whatsoever that she was at fault and he was putting it in his report that she failed to yield right of way. She did a lovely rolling slow down before pulling out of a parking lot right in front of me. She was driving an Accord I think so I'm glad I was driving hubby's car because it sits low to the ground. Had I been driving my truck the grill would have been right in her driver side window and things could have been so much worse than they were.

The officer had a sense of humor once the girl had left the scene and he was talking to just me. I will definitely have to put in a good word for the officer when I get a chance.