My stamping epiphany...

I think i finally realized what happened to my stamping enjoyment. I haven't stamped in probably 6 months or more and haven't exactly missed it either. I was thinking about it the other day when I was contemplating selling more craft stuff.

Before stamping became trying to keep up with all the new stuff and techniques & the people who were being published & getting on design teams, etc, I really enjoyed stamping. Then it got to the point where everyone and I do mean everyone (including me) was trying to outdo everyone else and the cards & techniques got more and more complicated. That is when my enjoyment of stamping went into the toilet and never resurfaced.

I tried several times to get published & tried a couple of times to get on design teams. Again in order to be part of the group & keep up with everyone. The one thing I learned about getting published or getting on design teams is that it is always the same people that are chosen over and over. It is extremely difficult for anyone new to get their foot in the door.

For Mother's Day I mailed store bought cards to everyone and did not feel guilty in the least about doing so. Well hubby's grandmother said thank you and it was nice but told him it was not even close to being as nice or pretty as the ones I had made before. I have to say that made me feel good.

I still think I'm going to sell some more craft things and clear out a lot more stuff and see if once I get back to the bare bones minimum stuff maybe the stamping bug bites me again.


  1. Oh wow! I hope this will get the ball rolling for you again!! Hugs!

  2. I hope that you'll find that enjoyment you once had! ((HUGS))

  3. That totally makes sense to me. When you try to turn a hobby into a business, it's too easy for it to become a chore. You were smart to back off. Life is too short.


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