An observation that would make life easier...

For some reason as I was dusting & vacuuming 2 of the bedroom yesterday it hit me just how cluttered our home has become. A quick check of all the other rooms confirmed it...we have a piling problem! With the exception of 1 small shelf in out living room there is not a flat surface that does not have stuff piled or sitting on it.

There are 9 rooms in the house counting the bathrooms & laundry room (10 if you want to count the garage) and there is only 1 - 7"x32" shelf that is empty. I don't know why it never dawned on me before just how bad the piling problem has become.

I can't even blame it on just 1 person either all 4 of us are responsible for all the piling. The other problem I have is where to put or what to do with all the crap laying all over the place. Yes I said crap because frankly that is what most of it is. We have a few nice things but they are very few. I can look around my living room right now and count on one hand the things that I love and still have fingers left over. The rest of it makes me crazy and I'm sure it is the same in every other room as well.

Life would be so much easier and cleaning so much less time consuming if I can get all the piles & knick-knacks under control. The definition of knick-knack is a small trivial article usually intended for ornament. Notice the highlighted word in that definition.


  1. Suzanne - you sure you weren't at my house? I'm a "piler" too!

  2. Oh man, this is me. I'm overwhelmed by clutter and I don't have the mental energy to tackle it.


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