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Hank Hayseed from Sunshine Stamps...

Meet Hank! Isn't he the cutest little tractor you've ever seen. This is one of the latest images from Sunshine Stamps. As usual I have colored this image in using PSE 5.

I used SCS sketch #213 for the layout. All of the "papers & brads" are from digital scrapbook kits by Katie Pertiet, Gina Cabrera, Amy Teets, Kellie Mize, and Shabby Princess. I think the grungy look of all the "papers" just fit with the old tractor image. I use the colors of the "papers" to select colors for the image. Font is Bleeding Cowboy.

I have tried to link to all the digital items if you are interested in trying them. Unfortunately some of the items I can no longer find online.

OOC Week 3 After and Week 4 Goals...

I did not get the hall bathroom finished this week either. I found a mirror that looks great at Bed, Bath & Beyond so I did work on the bathroom. Still have to get everything out of the closet & paint that but it is getting closer.

I didn't select it as my goal for week 3 but I did clean out Matthew's closet & cleaned his bedroom. Pulled out all the yuck clothes & sorted school clothes from play clothes. This had to be done since my mom is coming for a visit and she usually sleeps in Matthew's room. I forgot to take pictures so I don't have any to share.

My goal for week 4 is going to be to finish the bathroom project. Here are the before photos: Hall Bath. I have got to get this room finish. It is making me crazy that it isn't finished. Look for the after photos next week. :o)

HockerDocker Helicopter...

Here is HockerDocker Helicopter from Sunshine Stamps . This is a terrific image for boy's birthdays.

As usual this is done digitally using PSE 5. Everything on this one is from Shabby Princess. The "papers" are from Little Star, Urban Kiwi, and Celebrate. The brads from Holiday Magic. Amazingly I did not have any that were black so I had to recolor...they started out as red ones. The stitches are from Shabby Princess Shabby Stitches.

The font is Artistamp Medium.

Thanks for looking!

Today is my Birthday...

I am 42 today and still not finding my body, mind, or life where I want any of them to be. I have got to really work harder on getting myself back together and finding where I'm suppose to be in this stage of my life. There are so many things I want to be different. I just don't know where to began in order to get there. This is something I will have to start thinking hard on and figure out where I want to go and how I want to fix all the things I don't like. Stay tuned...there will be further examination in this area.

I need a schedule...

I am really thinking that I need to get myself on some kind of daily schedule. There just never seems to be anything getting done around here. I send 4-5 afternoons/early evenings running to & from the martial arts school. The kids are back in school so I have plenty of time during the day to get everything done and still spend lots of time on the computer.

I use to be so good at getting everything done without feeling stressed but over the last several years that has so gone by the wayside. I miss the days of having floors so clean you could eat off of and toilets you could drink out of. I need to get our home more organized and get myself back to organized. What I need is organization, more exercise, more reading, more crafting & less computer.

This is something that I have to start working on and see what I can come up with.

OOC Week 2 - Hall Bath followup

I know I'm late posting this and I still haven't decided on the next challenge. OK so here it is...hubby and I have spent the past week working on our hall bathroom. We are getting close to being done still have to install the baseboards & paint the closet. I will be working on getting that done next week. Guess that means this will be a 2 week project. I will post the after pictures as soon as I get everything completed. Things are looking good!

Birthday Hot to Trot...

The latest digital stamp image from Sunshine's Stamps . I again did this one digitally using PSE 5. The layout is from SCS sketch #239.

The "papers" are from Jessica Sprague's Home Away From Home kit. The "brads" from Shabby Princess Festival kit.

Thanks for looking!

Getting the Bathroom ready...

Hubby and I spent yesterday picking out paint, light fixtures & sink faucets for the hall bath. Now comes the fun part. We still have to clean & prep everything that needs painted. Then comes the painting. Finally decided which light fixture will be going in the bathroom. We went today after church and bought the paint. Tomorrow is the day for starting to paint. Wish us luck to get this done quickly!

OOC week 2 - Hall Bathroom

On to week 2 with the organizing. Hubby is going to be on vacation the next so I'm going to take on the hall bathroom. We will be painting it from top to bottom. The teeny tiny closet and cabinet will be getting organized. I'm also thinking maybe a new shower curtain, faucet & light fixture if I can find some reasonably priced. Here are the before photos: Hall Bath.

This is the bathroom that our 2 boys use daily and the one that visitor also have to use. It was a hard decision on whether to do the bathroom or the bonus room. Hubby being on vacation is what made the decision finally. My mom is planning on coming for a visit in a couple of weeks so the bathroom redo will be more important than the bonus room right now. Wish me luck!

I Scream You Scream...

This is Mr. Smoothie from Sunshine Stamps.
He is another cutie!

Again this was done digitally using PSE 5. The "papers" are from a mini kit call Lotsa Fun by Christy Heins. This was a free kit downloaded from I used SCS sketch #240. Font is Bell Bottom Laser.

Thanks for looking!

OOC week 1 - Entryway Closet After

Here is the after photos for my closet organization. It has been repainted and the shelf/rod have been replaced. I also edited out the coats and jackets. The kids stuff is now in their closets. the 2 drawer units hold all of our school & office supplies. I need to get the drawers labeled and get some new wheels for the 2 drawer one. I am calling this one finished!

Fly Me to The Moon...

New and upcoming images at Sunshine's Stamps.
This is Space Shuttle. Isn't he just the cutest little shuttle you've ever seen?! Space Shuttle along with 2 other images will be available starting Aug. 5th. Be sure to check them out.

This card was done digitally using PSE 5. The papers are from Angie Briggs Chocolate Covered kit. I can't remember where I downloaded this kit but know it was a freebie. Font is Century Gothic. I used SCS sketch #118.

Thanks for looking!

OOC: Week 1 - Entryway Closet

OK so I ran across this blog called Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent (definitely something I can relate too) and Melinda just started Operation Organization Challenge on there. Lord knows that my home needs all the organization help it can get and since the boys start back to school this week I thought why not try and see if this will give me some motivation to work on it. Perfect timing!

Since the challenge started on July 31 and I am joining in a few days late; my goal for this first week will be to finish the entryway closet that I started in May. It is about half way done so it should be a quick job to complete. This is what it looked like in May:

It has been emptied and painted and the shelf and rod have been replaced. I need to figure out the best way to organize all the stuff that needs to be stored in it. One thing our home lacks is storage. I will post the finished photos in a few days.