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Sunshine's Stamps Merry Christmas Ornaments Cluster

This week Sunshine's challenge to the DT was paper piecing. She didn't think I could do it...hehehe. Surprise Sunshine! We didn't choose our images this time. I received Ornament Clusters image and Merry Christmas sentiment.

This one is done completely digitally using PSE 5. One of these days I may upgrade to version 8. Anyway, I paper pieced the ornaments with some digital papers that Jessica Sprague gave her Holidays in Hand class as part of the class downloads. I used SCS sketch #254 for the layout.

Sunshine's Stamps - Christmas

Sunshine's challenge this week to the DT members was to choose a Christmas sentiment and then she chose the image to go with it. I chose Angels Wings and I just love this sentiment even though I've never seen the whole movie it is from. Sunshine picked Poinsettia to send to me. It is a terrific image!

This was done 100% using Photoshop Elements 5. I used the paper to choose the colors to do the image. I used a paper sampler from Lynn Grievson. It's no longer available but you can see here that there are tons of other great papers to use.
I used a paper mask for the scalloped look. It's like a digital paper punch. The scalloped circle is a template from Jessica Sprague. The transparent ribbon is from an OScraps kit. It was in a download I received from one of the online classes I took from but there are tons of great kits and elements available where you could find elements just like this one.

Holiday in Hand - Assignment 3

I did not post anything about assignment 2 since that just involved printing. Assignment 3 is a little more complicated and requires us to fill in the prompt cards that Jessica provided for this class with things to do and things to make. I still have to go through and fill in the prompt cards but thought I would post my list on here too.

To Do
1. Visit a local light display
2. Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn
3. Go out somewhere special for dinner
4. Play board games
5. Have microwave s'mores
6. Have breakfast food for dinner
7. Commit to support a charity for a whole year
8. Adopt a new tradition
9. Add new ornaments to the tree for each family member
10. Advent calendar
11. Read favorite holiday stories
12. ICE!

To Make
1. Hot Chocolate & Hot cider
2. Peanut Butter fudge
3. Molasses cookies
4. New door wreath
5. Homemade soup
6. Make breakfast food for dinner
7. Make microwave s'mores

Jessica has given us prompt cards to use in the month of December the include Write…

Blue Belt Test - Passed

I passed my blue belt test tonight! Yeah me!! Now on to advanced blue and some new stuff to learn. I wish they would do away with the advanced belts though and just go with the regular belts. Less test sure would be a money saver. There really isn't a lot of difference between what the regular and advance belts have to learn for testing purposes.

Since hubby didn't have enough days to test this time I tested by myself so maybe this time I will get some photos of me at belt promotion. Usually hubby & I test together and the kids don't like going to our belt promotions so there are never any photos of us getting promoted. If I can get photos I'll post them next week after the belt promotion on Monday.

Holidays in Hand Day 1 - Values and Goals

Today is the first day of Jessica Sprague's class Holidays in Hand. Our assignment is to refocus on values and to set goals to reach them. She wanted us to journal or blog our thoughts so here goes.

First the values:

Second the goals:
I have always wished for Christmas to be a memorable time for our children. For them to remember that Christ is why we celebrate it and that it is suppose to be a time for giving. I don't feel that we have always held that up for them to see so my hope is to change that before it is too late. I want them to have wonderful memories of tradition, togetherness, and warmth and I want them to find a love of giving to others and for them to become more grateful for all that they are fortunate to have.

1. This year we will spend an evening driving around looking at lights and attend church for the Christmas special like always. These will be a continuation of current traditions.
2. I think that this y…

God Is Already There...

This week Sunshine challenged the DT to use only a sentiment and no other images. Here is what I came up with. The sentiment is from Sunshine Stamps and is named God is Already There and I just love it.

As usual this CARD IS 100% digital made with Photoshop Elements 5.
Papers: Grand Intentions kit by Jessica Sprague
Stitching: Straight Stitch by Katie Pertiet & ZigZaG I don't remember where I got that one.
Staples: Staple Its by Pattie Knox

Not very good at blogging the day to day stuff...

I know I named this blog Day to Day and boy do I suck at posting the daily stuff! The only thing my days seems to be filled with is weight loss & trying to figure out how to dress myself, housework, kids, and marital arts. I need to try and get better about journaling the day to day parts of life too.

I've been working hard the last couple of weeks to make up missed martial arts classes so that I can test this month for my next belt. Only 6 more belts to black. At the rate I'm going it is going to take me 2-1/2 more years. I really need to find the energy to do more than 2 classes a week.

My father-in-law passes away this past weekend. Even though he had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year we were hopeful that the chemo and radiation would work and he would be around much longer. My husband went home to be there for the funeral tomorrow. I hate so much that I am not there to hold his hand while he goes through the viewing & funeral tomorrow. Unfortunate…

Sunshine's Stamps Waving Snowman

Another terrific image from Sunshine's Stamps. There are lots of new images coming out for Christmas and winter so be sure to check them all out. This is another entirely digitally done card using Photoshop Elements 5.

All paper and elements are from Michelle Coleman's Wonderful and Winter Wonderland kits. Right now I can't find where to download them from but will keeping trying to find them for you all.

Layout is from SCS #249.

New Jessica Sprague class and it is FREE!

I just signed up for Jessica's new class at She is offering this class for free. Go over to her site and all the information on how to sign up is right on the home page.

The classes over there are always awesome and worth the time and cost. I've never had a complaint about any of the 6 that I have taken so far. There is always so much information and lots of downloads with each class.

I love that all of the class information and downloads are available forever. A lot of the other places are not like that and I hate paying for something and then not being able to access it again later.