Holiday in Hand - Assignment 3

I did not post anything about assignment 2 since that just involved printing. Assignment 3 is a little more complicated and requires us to fill in the prompt cards that Jessica provided for this class with things to do and things to make. I still have to go through and fill in the prompt cards but thought I would post my list on here too.

To Do
1. Visit a local light display
2. Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn
3. Go out somewhere special for dinner
4. Play board games
5. Have microwave s'mores
6. Have breakfast food for dinner
7. Commit to support a charity for a whole year
8. Adopt a new tradition
9. Add new ornaments to the tree for each family member
10. Advent calendar
11. Read favorite holiday stories
12. ICE!

To Make
1. Hot Chocolate & Hot cider
2. Peanut Butter fudge
3. Molasses cookies
4. New door wreath
5. Homemade soup
6. Make breakfast food for dinner
7. Make microwave s'mores

Jessica has given us prompt cards to use in the month of December the include Write & Photography & Remember prompts and blank lines for Do & Make Prompts. She has some interesting prompts for us to use.


  1. What a terrific idea!! Here is a suggestion for a new tradition...we used to buy a new Christmas puzzle every year and we would all take turns putting it together over the holidays. It provided something to do in those down times...its amazing how equalizing a puzzle is with the age groups. Young and old can work together in perfect harmony!! :)


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