Holidays in Hand Day 1 - Values and Goals

Today is the first day of Jessica Sprague's class Holidays in Hand. Our assignment is to refocus on values and to set goals to reach them. She wanted us to journal or blog our thoughts so here goes.

First the values:

Second the goals:
I have always wished for Christmas to be a memorable time for our children. For them to remember that Christ is why we celebrate it and that it is suppose to be a time for giving. I don't feel that we have always held that up for them to see so my hope is to change that before it is too late. I want them to have wonderful memories of tradition, togetherness, and warmth and I want them to find a love of giving to others and for them to become more grateful for all that they are fortunate to have.

1. This year we will spend an evening driving around looking at lights and attend church for the Christmas special like always. These will be a continuation of current traditions.
2. I think that this year I will try to add a new tradition of an Advent calendar and maybe new pjs for everyone.
3. Gift giving this year is also going to be different. Instead of trying to give the kids everything they want & wish for I will be following this idea: they will each receive 1 thing they want, 1 thing they need, 1 toy and 1 thing to read. I pray that it is not too late to teach them to be grateful for each and everything they receive.
4. I will also be looking for places where our family can give to others and getting the children involved in this giving as well. This will be a good year to start doing the "Angel Tree" and to get back to doing Operation Christmas Child.


  1. I love your 3rd goal. Such a wonderful idea.

  2. Great ideas. I'm on about year 5 of giving my children...
    Something they want
    Something they need
    Something to play with
    Something to read.

    It was so easy for me to get carried away with the shopping. Not anymore :)

  3. Great ideas, I think I will start some of these with my family.

  4. Great list. I love your ideas for #3 and #4. Hope you enjoy HIH!


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