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Showing posts from February, 2009

Clothes shopping sucks...

I had to go out today and try to find some clothes. All I can say is that clothes shopping sucks!!! Nothing feels right or fits right or looks good. Guess that means it is way past time to start doing something about this extra weight.

What is with all the ruffles and ties on this seasons clothing?!? Almost everything in Kohls had some kind of ruffle or bow or tie on it. For those of use who are carry a little too much weight these are not good things.

Not to self: Must buy a treadmill and some weights this weekend. Things cannot keep on going the way they are currently.

Photography Class...

I was finally able to sign up for Candice Stringham's Oh Shoot photography class at Jessica This class goes quickly every time they open registration for a new class. I missed the first 2 classes because it closed too quickly. I've read really good things about this class from those who have taken it.

I purchased a Nikon D80 this past December and I'm still trying to figure out how to use it effectively. Out of sheer luck I do occasionally get some ok photos, but I would like to learn how to be more consistent with what comes out of it. I have sort of read the manual (it puts me to sleep) and I have read Nikon D80 Field Guide by David D. Busch. I am so confused and hoping that this class will help clear up some of that.

The class starts on March 2nd. Be on the look out for new photos.

New Coffee Maker

Recently we needed to get a new coffee maker. Hubby saw a news story 2 weeks ago about coffee and the Michael Graves Automatic Drip Coffee Maker was recommended as the best. We had to go to multiple Target stores to locate one. So far we are liking it very much. I had not realized that the old coffee maker was not heating as well as it could until we started using this one.
It is made by Hamilton Beach and designed by Michael Graves. I love that the water container is removable. That was the one thing that I hated about our old coffee maker and all the other ones on the shelf. They are so hard to clean but this one is going to be a breeze to clean regularly.