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Oh Shoot Lesson 3 - Manual...

Here is this weeks photo for the Oh Shoot class I've been taking. There isn't much in my yard to photograph so since my holiday cactus is blooming again I decided to use that.

This week we were to use our camera on manual. We also learned about metering and I had a small "ah ha" moments with the metering. Still have lots to learn but hopefully I'm getting somewhere.

Cleaning out...

I have spent the last 2 days going through and cleaning out my craft stuff. After 2 days I'm still not finished. It is just shameful how much stuff I have and this isn't the first clean out I have done since we moved here. All the money spent on this stuff could have bought so many other things that we could have used more. I cannot wait to be finished going through all this stuff and get it listed on eBay. Hopefully I can recoup a small portion of the money and put it toward some things I want to do to the house.

Purple Belt...

We had our green belt test last night. I actually managed to pass mine with better scores than I was expecting to get. I kept trying to visualize all the different forms, kicks, etc that we were going to be tested on but was really struggling with that yesterday after waking up with a horrible headache that I could not get rid of.

I feel kind of bad because I know that hubby was bummed by the fact that even though he passed he didn't score as well as he had hope to. I don't know why but I always feel guilty when I get higher scores on the belt test than he does.

Anyway I am now at purple belt level and will officially receive my new belt on Monday night.

Tonight is Tai Chi class. Oi vey do I struggle with getting all the moves right. This is my first go around with Tai Chi and I'm in a class full of people who have been taking for at least a year.

Oh Shoot - Lesson 2...

I was on the ball this week. The lesson this week is on Aperture. I love the looks that people get with the great background blur (Bokeh). I can never seem to get the right look but I am feeling OK about how these came out.

I even turned the daffodil one into my desktop background. I am so looking forward to Spring!! We had such awesome weather the last 2 days. Of course that has changed, today is dreary & cold.

If you click on the pictures you can see them enlarged and tell the difference between the apertures better.

Oh Shoot - Lesson 1...

Here are the photos from the first lesson in the Oh Shoot class I signed up to take.

Our first lesson was all about shutter speed. I have played with my camera a good bit since getting it. It is kind of cool seeing the results side by side. Next time I need to try going even higher with the shutter speed than just 500 though.

While I can see the difference between the slow & fast shutter speeds. I can also see how much more practice I need in order to get better photos using this mode.

These were taken yesterday and as you can see it was a rather cloudy day out. I'm waiting on Candice's remarks of these to see what she recommends to improve the quality of these.

Learning to Ride...

This is what I'm learning to ride. A 1986 Yamaha Virago 700. This past September I told hubby that he could get another motorcycle if he would teach me to ride. What can I say I have control issues and have never been overly comfortable being on the back.

We spent a month of so working on it some and then it got cold. He put gas in it this weekend and got it running. The plan is that I will keep practicing on this bike and then I am going to go take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding course sometime this year. Hubby thinks I will be able to just study the book and practice on the bike we have and then take the tests at DMV without any problems.

I see lots of women riders all the time and recently found out about a women's riding group here local. We will have to see how it works out. I still have a good deal of fear about this new adventure. Hubby tells me that is good because that will make me a more alert rider, but I feel like it is also getting in the way of me f…