This stuff actually works...

I have to start by saying that I am one of the most skeptical people there is when it comes to as seen on television items so you can image my surprise when I tried this and it actually works. I spend a lot of time barefooted and that leads to dry, cracked heels and trust me when I say I have tried everything from lotions to ointments to razors, etc. In last months Woman's Day magazine the Heel Tastic was listed as a must try.

I found it at Wal-mart for $9.88 and started using it at bedtime. My heels are so much unbelievable better looking and I'm thrilled! You put it on like deodorant so you don't even have to use your hands to rub it in. Which makes me even happier about using it. If you have dry, cracked heels you have to try this stuff. Oh and it smells good too.


  1. Cool! I use one of those Ped Eggs and find my heels are so much better for it! This stuff sounds really good though. I like it when people try a product and share what they think about it with us! Thanks!! :^D

  2. Thanks Suzanne, I'll be looking for htis the next time I'm at WalMart!

  3. Cool- thanks for sharing. I love the idea of not getting my hands greasy applying foot creams.


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