Nothing to Wear!

How many times have I stood inside my closet over the years and made this statement?! Way too many that's for sure. One of the things I am currently working on changing is the way I dress and my sense of style or lack there of most days. I don't know how many times I see other woman around town that are my age or older and thing wow they look so put together and cute/great. I want to be one of those woman just like when I was in my 20's.

Being thin all my life made clothes fun to wear and buy, but by the time I turned 30 I had gained a huge amount of weight and my fashion sense went right out the door. I think back on some of the things I have purchased and actually worn and it makes me shudder. To think I actually went out the door in some of that crap! Good grief what was I thinking. Anyway that is one of the changes I am working on making in my life.

I am trying to read books and magazines dealing with fashion, style, makeup, etc. Right now I am reading "Nothing to Wear?" by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo. Here is My Style Statement

My age group is: forty-something
My body type is: curvy/full (this is changing slowly though)
My lifestyle is: stay-at-home mom
My arena is: suburbanite
My personal style is: Classic/Bohemian
I want others to see me as: put together, easy going, stylish, and confident

I'm hoping to learn something about what type & style of clothing looks good on me and works best for my lifestyle. If I don't figure it out soon and find some clothes to wear I may have to go naked and trust me when I say this is a vision no one want burned into there brain forever...LOL.


  1. Embrace nekkidness! It's cheaper! :) Hey - I'm all about finding whatever clothing you need to look your best and yet be comfortable in. (No nekkidness for me, since "looking my best" negates that option!)


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