Major Cleaning Out Going On...

I have spent 3 days this week sorting through all of my craft stuff and have a HUGE list of stuff that is going away and actually I'm looking very forward to getting it out of my house. I actually think that if I could I would tilt the house and dump everything out of it. Then I could carry back in only those things that we absolutely love. There is just so much in this house and very little of it is something that I could even remotely say that I love. If you've been around for any time then you know that 1 of the changes I want to make this year is to clear out and organize our home and make it a warm & wonderful place to live.


  1. Purging feels good! Now you can come dump my house out. Please.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The pattern I used for the other pj's was a Kwik Sew I think, and the b & W ones was Amy Butler:)

  3. Decluttering is so hard because you have to make so many decisions. I find it mentally exhausting.


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