Still cleaning out...

I cannot believe how much crap we have in this house!!! Yes I said crap. I have been sorting drawers and boxes and shelves for the last several weeks. Unfortunately I'm not finished yet either. It has felt so good to get rid of stuff. We have 24 eBay auctions listed right now of stuff we are trying to sell and some Craigslist postings too. I've also made 1 Goodwill drop-off and have started another pile of Goodwill stuff.

I'm also working on organizing ideas for the things that we do keep and I'm not planing on there being a ton of that either. Our goal is to turn the bonus room into a workout/martial arts practice/play room so I have really been focused on getting rid of stuff in that area the most. We still need to finish getting stuff out of there but some of it will be leaving as soon as our auctions end and our Craigslist posting run their course too.


  1. Oh I have a crap load of stuff that needs to GO, too. UGH. Not looking forward to starting. Go you!

  2. Doesn't it feel great to get rid of stuff? I have purged about 20 bags of trash and donate items this spring. Now I feel as free as a bird.....


  3. I'm doing a little of that this week too. It feels great, doesn't it? Are you going to be posting before and after pictures?


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