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May Weight-In and Mesaurements...

I went ahead and did my end of month weigh-in and measurements a few days early because the boys and I will be out of town for a few days and here are my results. I don't a have a photo to post this time but will try to see about getting one when I get back hom/

Neck: -.25
Chest: +.25
Tummy: +.25
Quads: +.25
Thighs: +.25 (L)
Calves: -.25 (R)/-.25 (L)

I gained 0.25 inch total this month but lost 1.4 pounds so I guess overall not too bad this month. When I get back from my trip this weekend I really need to get serious again about getting the last of the weight off. Still 19 pounds to go.

Getting to Know Me...

It's that again. *To play..copy the questions..answer them*

1. Do you have a fetish? Ummm...none that I can think of. 2. Do you sing in the shower? Absolutely not!
3. Who was your first crush? IRL his name was James Forsythe and I was probably 11. If I remember correctly my first star crush was Shawn Cassidy (lord that was a long time ago).
4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have? A good job to support his family.
5. Do you sleep naked? Not since giving birth almost 17 years ago.
6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking? Hmm the only thing I can think of is pick my underwear out of my behind.
7. What's the first thing you do when you go online? My email.
8. Summer is.....? Hot days & nights and thunderstorms & tornadoes here in the South. On a happy note it is: bbqs, swimming, suntans, flip flops & sundresses.

Getting to Know Me...

copy the questions..answer them*

1. The most expensive thing hanging in my closet is.....? Probably my leather jacket (which I need to replace with a new one.)

2. Have you ever played a team sport? Never! I am so do not have an athletic bone in my body; even though my martial arts instructors tells me that yes I do.

3. If you were a bug, what kind would you be? a Caterpillar that turns into a lovely Butterfly.

4. Where on your body is the worst place to get sunburned?. I'm going to say either your boobs or your butt. Both places are pretty uncomfortable to burn. I got both burned in a tanning bed years ago. You don't know how bad an itch can be until you burn your butt and can't scratch it in public.

5. Are you happy? Most of the time.

6. People are always abbreviating..are there any abbreviations that make your skin crawl when people use them? I think I have become immune to abbreviations at this point.

7. Do you love where you live..or could you live anywhere? I do li…

To Blog or Not to Blog...

That is the question. I know it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post and there is a good reason for that. 1) I haven't really had anything to share and 2) I'm debating on whether to continue even trying to blog. On the site reports I get each week I'm not sure there is even anyone out there that reads my blabbering and I'm trying to decide if it is worth continuing to post anything on here or not.
I've never been one of those girls who kept a diary, even as a little girl. I tried on a few different occasions to do it and just never could keep it up. My life has never really been all that interesting to me or anyone else. I'll keep ponder this and hopefully make a decision soon. Till then peace and love!

Getting to Know Me...

1. Are you superstitious? No so much. Do I think unexplained things happen yes but I don't believe any item is lucky or unlucky.

2. If you were an animal..what kind would you be? I'm going with a cat.

3. You would never catch me wearing.........? Hmmm I've worn a lot of bad things in my time but I guess I would have to say mom jeans.

4. If someone posts a you watch it? Depends on what it is about.

5. Have you ever waxed your girlie/manly parts..or any other part of your body? Only my eyebrows & upper lip. I keep saying I'm going to get the "girly parts" done but always seem to chicken out.

6. Are you a spender or a saver? Now I am more of a spender than a saver. Years ago I use to be a big time saver, not sure what happened to change that trait.

7. If you were starring in a movie..who would you want to play your leading man/woman? Oohh that is easy either Sam Elliot or Sean Connery.

8. Smoker..never smoker..or smoked back in t…

April's Weigh-in and Measurements

This month's weight loss and measurements sucked! I know it is my fault because I have had a bad month where my eating is concerned. I did increase my fitness time by adding more classes at martial arts but obviously that wasn't enough to counteract the eating. Only 1 pound lost.

Neck: -.25
Chest: -.25
Tummy: +.5
Hips: +.5
Quads: R -.5/L -.25
Thighs: R -.25/L -.25
Calves: R +.25/L +.25

Total inches lost: -.25

A quarter of an inch is nothing. I have really got to get a handle on this losing thing and get it kicked back into gear.