May Weight-In and Mesaurements...

I went ahead and did my end of month weigh-in and measurements a few days early because the boys and I will be out of town for a few days and here are my results. I don't a have a photo to post this time but will try to see about getting one when I get back hom/

Neck: -.25
Chest: +.25
Tummy: +.25
Quads: +.25
Thighs: +.25 (L)
Calves: -.25 (R)/-.25 (L)

I gained 0.25 inch total this month but lost 1.4 pounds so I guess overall not too bad this month. When I get back from my trip this weekend I really need to get serious again about getting the last of the weight off. Still 19 pounds to go.