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Nothing to Wear!

How many times have I stood inside my closet over the years and made this statement?! Way too many that's for sure. One of the things I am currently working on changing is the way I dress and my sense of style or lack there of most days. I don't know how many times I see other woman around town that are my age or older and thing wow they look so put together and cute/great. I want to be one of those woman just like when I was in my 20's.

Being thin all my life made clothes fun to wear and buy, but by the time I turned 30 I had gained a huge amount of weight and my fashion sense went right out the door. I think back on some of the things I have purchased and actually worn and it makes me shudder. To think I actually went out the door in some of that crap! Good grief what was I thinking. Anyway that is one of the changes I am working on making in my life.

I am trying to read books and magazines dealing with fashion, style, makeup, etc. Right now I am reading "Not…

Still working on changes...

Goodness it has been almost a month since I posted anything here. Lots of changes going on and I have to say it is so not easy but I know that it is going to be so worth it in the end.
1. Not sure where I'm at with weight loss at this point. Weigh-in and measurement day is still a couple of days away.
2. Debt is still something that we are struggling with but are hoping to change.
3. Behaviors have their days where they are better than others.
4. How unfinished our home & yard look. I've gotten nothing done in this area yet.
5. I've been cleaning out and getting rid of so much stuff and boy does it feel so good!
6. Getting healthier & Eating better. I'm still trying to figure this one out too.
7. I have determined that I HATE clothes shopping! Finding things that fit is not easy and I'm really struggling with this area of change.
8. I have put out a few application but have not gotten any replies from them at this point.


This is my word for the year of 2010. There are many scrapbookers that know all about Ali Edwards One Little Word and yes I know most everyone had their word chosen by the 1st of January but like everything else lately I'm behind. So here is my one little word of 2010...CHANGE.

Webster's Dictionary definition of Change: to make different in some particular; to make radically different; to give a different position, course, or direction to; to replace with another; to make a shift from one to another; to undergo a modification; to become different.

I use to handle and deal with change so much better. That is a definite must for a military wife. With transfers and relocation happening every 2-4 years you had better be able to handle change. Over the last 4 years with hubby's retirement I have had a harder time dealing with change.

There are so many things I want to change in our lives:
1. Me to lose weight.
2. Rid ourselves of debt.
3. Our kids and our behaviors.