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Life On An Even Keel...

On An Even Keel is an idiom that means - calm and not likely to change suddenly, balanced. This is how I want my life to be. It use to be this way 15 years ago and I'm not sure exactly what happened to change that position. Everything about my life feels completely out of balance & so crazy and I cannot take it any more! Some way, some how we have got to turn things back around and get on an even keel again!!! 

My plan for 2011 is to find that balanced and calm life again. I am working on cleaning out and getting rid of stuff. Only keeping what means something to us. I want to get started working on decorating our house and turning it into a HOME and not just a house. And I want to get our finances in a better place. As always I am open to any suggestions anyone may have to assist in this change.



I did more baking yesterday and this time it was Snickerdoodles. I used the recipe that I found on the Joy of Baking. I think they turned out yummy and were easy. Not necessarily quick but definitely easy. They have so many awesome looking recipes on that sight and it is dangerous for the hips & thighs!

Cake Decorating...

About 7 months ago I purchase a space in the fondant 1 class at Sweet Wise in Nashville. I finally went and took the class this week and this is what we made. I had taken cake decorating classes over 25 years ago but I hadn't done anything with it since then. This was the first time I had try using fondant and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought.
Here is a close up of the bow: